I saw Washington's Pacific coast for the first time this weekend.
(I know, we need to get out more.)

It was a gray, drizzly day but we decided to make the 2.5 hour drive to the coast anyway. 
There's not much point in putting things off until a 'nice day' out here.

There weren't many people at Ocean City State Park, but that only made the stark landscape more breathtaking.

The slowly approaching surf left the most interesting patterns in the sand.

Self portrait.

You could hardly tell where the sky ended and the ocean began. 
Everything was the same lovely shade of gray.

{ what adventures found you this weekend? }

Pssssssssst! - Last week was the technology week from hell!  I think we had internet access for like, two days.  I'm catching up now that the comcast gods are playing nice.  Thanks for being patient with me! <3

... the world would sure look different.

"flying. 8x8 fine art print" by AlisonTyne

Paper cranes would take flight...

"vintage 1920s Sidewalks of London Shoes (20s) size 6 36.5" by 13bees

...there'd be much more dancing...

"Strands -- 8x10 print" by Emmalynne

... and rainbows for everyone  (even double ones, omg)...


"Vintage Brass Unicorn Music Box" by inmyigloo

...maybe even a creepy music playing unicorn or two...


"Dark Desires Vintage Tatted Lace Necklace" by ThatOldBlueHouse2

...and 'darkness' would be confined to the color wheel.

{ what would your world look like? }

I'm feeling a wee nostalgic lately.

It's been a heck of a week.

Like this?  Try these.

{ how do you feel this week? }

Happy Thursday! 
Is anyone else excited this week is almost over?

Yesterday the sun made an unusual winter-time appearance. 
( As you can see, I pretty much caught the tail end. )

In other fantastic news, the rare and wonderful Vagabond Carnival honored me with two lovely blog awards! 

If you're not already a follower, this is one of the funniest blogs I'm reading.  M's writing style is witty, and judging by her list of 7 interesting facts, she's got a wealth of amazing experiences to share.

How sweet is that?

So, here's some utterly random facts:
  1. I have never ridden a horse.
  2. Even though I seriously dis-enjoy flying, I think a hot air balloon ride would be awesome.
  3. I am considering opening a vintage Etsy shop.
  4. I find it very hard to see a carousel and not want to ride it.
  5. Celery is the most disgusting vegetable of all time.
  6. Just realized the shirt I'm wearing today almost perfectly matches the outside of the buidling I work in. That's weird and sad.
  7. Lately, I absolutely have to eat 2 breakfasts. (Maybe the second is really 'elevensies' and I'm turning into a hobbit...?)

( More than you ever wished to know, I'm sure. )

And now, I'm passing these onto...

...all my beautiful blog followers!

Post some fun facts in the comments (or on your blog).  You know I love reading them!

{ what's making you smile this thursday? }

Some odd little things I totally love.

"small coin purse-green fur" by thezakka

It's like a baby muppet!  I'd totally rock this bad boy as a clutch. 
The color and texture are so fun and unexpected.

"Matryoshka doll shadowbox" by psyboom

How cute is this?  I'm blown away by the seriously creative stuff you can find on Etsy. 
(Plus, I have a friend I think would LOVE this...)

"Fuschia Triple Stack Flower Cocktail RingFrom knockknockstudio" by knockknockstudio

This is my 'kooky ring of the week.' 
Colorful, playful, weird -- definitely a statement piece.

"Scottish Highlands Finger Puppets" by babyanimals

I know these have gotten a lot of Etsy exposure, but seriously,
how CUTE and WEIRD are these little guys?

"Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates Plush with faces" by mypapercrane

My hubbers will disagree with this, but I think these are the best kinds of chocolates to get for a Valentine: plush, smiley, and will never melt in your hand.

{ what are you craving this week? }

Psssssst! - I hope you'll bear with me this week.  I'm slow on the catch up.  Things they are a-changning for my daytime hours.  Now I just need to adapt.  Sigh.  But I WILL CATCH UP, even if it kills me. : P

Yesterday the Treasury Tree Team had a "blitz" day. 
I think I made 7 treasuries, and commented on, I dunno, a BILLION.

Here's one of my favorites I made.

Click the photo for even more hipstery goodness.

Like this?  Try these:

let's stay home, valentine. ( you can get FRESH and even POUNCE..rrrrow! )

well. aren't you sweet?

not yo mama's valentine

you make my teeth hurt...

teatime is a sweet time

{ anything catch your fancy? }

Psssssst! - Thanks for the votes last week.   Guess what?   I won!   'Cause you guys are the best!

Just kidding.

But we did visit the Museum of Flight this weekend.


There were crazy amounts of airplanes. 
Ever shape, size, make, and model you can imagine.


Or a model of the international space station.  Still pretty cool.

Flight simulator humor.

Probably my favorite part was the model flight tower, which overlooks an actual runway at Boeing Field.  We watched a Lear Jet land, and bunches of helicopters take off. 
This is a live depicition of actual flights in the air across the U.S.


What are the odds I'd run across a WWII era airplane with the name of the small town I was born in? 
So cool!


If you end up in the Seattle area, I highly recommend a visit.  You don't even have to be an aviation geek to enjoy yourself, cause I sure am not.  I hate flying.

{ what were you up to this weekend? }

I'd like to try something new.

I made this treasury today.

I'm really digging this color palette, and I want to make an outfit inspired by it.

Pastels/muted colors are not ordinarily my friend.  But I'm longing to try something new, and I'm not really sure what to do.

So here's where you come in.
Link me a piece of clothing, accessory, shoe (whatevs) in the comments section, that you think picks up the vibe of this treasury.  I'll come back later on, and build an outfit.

I need your help, friends!

{ will you help me out?}

This is going around the blogosphere like a case of the flu.

The adorable, crafty flu.

So if you wanna play along, be one of the first 5 people to comment on this post.  
I'll ship anywhere, just be sure to leave me some contact info (blog, email, etc). 

And don't forget to post this, too. 
Think of all that sweet, sweet karma we're generating...

In other news, here's some fun stuff from the internets!
(if you're as bored as I've been, you'll need this!)

Wish this was me now.

I've lost roughly 5 hours of my time here.
(That's a lie. It's probably way more.)

"Hey guys, the 'high five' is back!"

um, what?

thanks, Monica. it's hypnotic...

Ok. Enough goofing off. *

{ what's up in your world? }

* that's another lie.

Just some lovely things that are making me happy today.

"ruffle necklace in peach." by prettythingsbymeg

 I gush over this pretty little necklace.  The color, the effervescence of it all - it just works for me.  Plus, this shop is based in my hometown!  And that makes me happy. It's a small, small world.

"Vintage Russian mechanical alarm clock Slava from Soviet Union era NEVER USED" by ClockworkUniverse

I am always overwhelmed and impressed by the wide variety of timepieces this shop has to offer.  But today, this is by far my favorite one.

"French Macaroon Overdose Ring in polymer clay" by DIVINEsweetness

This is a ring.  And those tiny macaroons are sculpted from clay.  Each is about the size of a fingertip.  What. The. Heck.  You know I love a good kooky ring, and this one is crazy impressive!

"1970s Vintage Suede Cinnamon Pumps Sz 6" by starletvintage

I. Am. In love. 
And they are my size. 
And they live just up the coast from me. 

"World Traveler 190-200 yards Hand Painted Yarn, Lovely springy merino sportweight" by atomicblue

I love, love, lovelovelove these colors together.  I think a few years ago, H&M briefly had a collection made entirely from a similar color palette.  It took all my willpower not buy every single piece.  But you, pretty yarn, you are much more affordable....

{ what's making you smile today? }

Psssssst! - Thank you so much for your votes!  There's still a little time left...

I'm not sure what inspired this,
but I am totally digging softer colors lately.

Click the photo for more!

Like this?  Try these:

{ what's caught your fancy today? }

Psssssst! - mind taking a moment to vote on a treasury challenge for me?  it's easy and you can do it here. <3 <3 <3


I spent this weekend contemplating:

how these

turned into these

so fast.

I'm launching a new line of kitty toys in my Etsy shop, so I was getting all reflective and what not
HippotaMax assisted*, while Fi-zilla contemplated how many toys she could steal undetected**.

{ what adventures did you find this weekend? }

* swatted my fingers whilst tying knots.
** zero. not so sneaky now, are you ninjacat??

Not long ago, Tsuki shared the most amazing new website she'd discovered.  

And now I'm totally obsessed.

Meet "i want to be her!" (dot com).

The co-founder of Lucky magazine, and her talented ilustrator bestie teamed up to create this simply awesome site.  Read all about it here.

Sometimes interviewing up and coming fashionistas, and other times profiling amazing looks off the street (or subway, restaurant, what have you), the outfits are always interesting and inspiring. 
( Plus, they link you back to where you can buy everything to recreate the ensemble! )

I'm getting lots of great ideas.....

{ subway girl's my fave - what do you think? }

For Christmas, my little brother gifted me a subscription to Pandora. 
(He's so cool.) 

2010 really made me fall back in love with music.  And now Pandora has me clicking, bookmarking and googling like a musical fiend.

So here's something new I love.

"Half Acre" by Hem
(Apparently this song is featured in Libery Mutual commercial. Oh well. At least everytime I hear it I don't immediately wince, thinking it's an advertisement, like some songs.)

{ what music are you digging today? }

Psssst! - this video has some pretty ridculously lol-tastic moments. what's your fave? mine's the wiggly bubbles!

Ok.  It's time to get serious about organization.

"2011 - Bird and Bloke Calendar - 5x7" by birdandbloke

Even though my job requires me to know the date, that still doesn't mean I don't walk around a fair amount of the time utterly clueless (except, ahem, when I'm actually doing my job. I swear.) 
I feel like I need a calendar for my:
work desk
home desk
bathroom (seriously. i'm considering this.)

Think of all the amazing calendars I can buy! Weeee!

"Vintage Industrial Storage Bin Aqua Metal Stackable" by bluebonnetfields

I love the look of these small drawery type things.  Plus, I'm pretty sure I could mount them on the wall...

"Vintage Retro Chips Large Glass Storage Jar" by rhan

Did chips ever come in glass jars?  And why don't they still??  I've saved lots of pickle jars and make good use of them on my shelves.  I love this large one.  It's unusual, silly and begging to be filled with something really odd. 

"Wood Organizational Box by Rolling Hills Vintage on Etsy" by RollingHillsVintage

I am unforgivably bad at remembering birthdays.  I mark them on my calendar (when I remember to use it) but somehow they seem to slip through my mental cracks.  But how fun would it be to crack open this box, flip through, and check out what lies in the month ahead?  I dunno,  Maybe I need to use novetly fun as motivation to suck less.  (Plus you need to read the listing.  The first line is pure gold.)

"Industrial Metal Card Catalog" by Hindsvik

(drool drool drool)  Dear card catalog: I want you.
Anyone know of any libraries shutting down/clearing out old stuffs?
Please and thanks.

{ what are your organization solutions? i'd love to hear them!}

Yep.  I'm already thinking Valentine's Day.

Click the photo for even more!

Like this?  Try these.

Pssssssst! - The Treasury Tree Team is hosting a challenge this week. You don't have to be a member to join in on the fun. Check here for the deets.

Our very low-key holiday weekend left a lot of time for reflecting over the year's past events.

It's true 2010 provided some seriously tough times, but one of the best parts of writing this blog is that it urges me to highlight the happier ones.

So, on that note, here's my best of everything under the sun for 2010.

{ what made your list for 2010? }