During the insanity that is this week, 
I like to reflect back on what a lovely weekend it was...

i'm onna boat

...sailing lazily across the bay...

self portrait

...wandering around town....

ebel skiver

...eating my weight in various street noms.

free fremont

I'm going to pretend I'm still there, ok?

{ how's your week goin'?}

I think it's official.

plaid mad

I've gone completely plaid mad.

These are what I've been working on lately.

{ are you a little mad? }

I've got a crush.

Click the photo for more.

Well, several actually.

{ you? }

The one and only time it's cool to work at an office building in Bellevue.

blue angels

The Blue Angels are in town for Seafair weekend, and during
 the week they shut down I-90 and fly their practice formations over Lake Washington.

And we get to stand on the roof of our building and watch them go by.

{ have you seen the Blue Angels? }

Um, um, um.

Can I just say how much I love this right now?
The lemony scent, the pleasing texture, the aDORable packaging...

And they sell you at Rite Aid?

Oh my.

{ whacha think? }

The weather here is finally perking up.

Click the photo for more.

I have to say grilling and eating outside is one of my favorite parts of the summer.
( I think Ron would be proud.)

{ do you bbq? }

Guess who went to the fabric store this weekend?


I've been working on some new things for an insane ambitious attempt at a craft fair this weekend.

Could someone please add a few extra hours to the days this week, please?

{ what are you workin' on? }