The super lovely Sara of C'est La Vie has graced me with an awesome blog award! (Isn't she sweet?)

I've been thinking about inspiration a lot lately. Particularly about those people I find inspiring. My life has changed a lot in the last year, some good and some bad. In the midst of this chaos, I've realized two amazing people very close to me, have become my greatest inspirations.

My dad and I have always been close. So when he suffered a massive stroke while visiting me in Washington, it was like my world was collapsing in on itself. When he couldn't say my name, couldn't even focus his eyes on my face, I thought for sure, that this was it. I'd lost my dad.
Since then he has fought, struggled, pushed, sometimes even clawed, his way through months and months of ongoing therapies. He's still working on it, but he has come miraculously far in the last nine months. He walks, writes with his left hand, and has regular (albeit short) phone conversations with us kids. He is a man made of the toughest stuff. I just never really knew it under his gentle and kind exterior.

My mom has become my dad's lifeline. She's spent a lot of time taking care of other people (us kids, her mom, her dad), but seeing the way she has completely taken charge of this new, strange life of theirs, is completely inspiring. Being my dad's coach, caregiver, cheerleader and companion cannot be the easiest right now. But she's handling it with even more strength than I'd ever known she'd had (and I've *always* known she was strong). I have no idea how she's been able to juggle all that's on her plate right now, but she's doing it beautifully.

I've always known my parents were good people, who loved us very much. But to see them with adult eyes, handling the very worst life can throw at them, and they're STILL wonderful people -- well, it's a whole other kettle of fish. 

And on a lighter note, I'd like to pass this award on to some very deserving bloggers:

for her amazing, fearless adventure around the world:

for her interesting stories about the charming animals she fosters:

for her obvious joie de vivre:

for her determination to make the rules:

for her ability to make life more fun:

Post it, share it -- whatever you want to do. Just keep being your awesome and amazing selves, k?

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A comparatively chilly morning here has me thinking ahead to that most glorious of seasons: Autumn. Boots, apple cider, scarves, punkins, PLAID -- what's not to love?

"handwoven Nantucket scarf" by pidgepidge

I. Want. This scarf!! I am in total love of this color combination.

"golden slumbers...photograph" by birdandbloke

We just don't get the same kind of fall foliage color as this Midwestern girl is accustomed to. I could use a photographic reminder.

"striped handknit fingerless gloves" by awkward

I am obsessed with fingerless gloves. Sometimes I even wear them at the office, so my hands stay toasty, while my fingers stay type-y.

"hatchet & acorn necklace.." by ChristineDomanic

I love that part of this pendant is made from the artists' own fallen tree. It's a nice way for something you loved to live on forever.

"Ian is a lumberjack ready for to take a break for some playtime" by omaspatch

There are no words. Oh wait, there's one: WANT.

{ too early to start gearing up for fall? }

I somehow stumbled into these gorgeous treasuries this morning, inspired by AMC's "MadMen."

And even though I'd spend the day being objectified (but oh, the clothes), I'd still rather work in that office today, than mine. Sigh.


{ are you a fan? }

Saturday was West Seattle's neighborhood parade. I spent a lovely morning sitting on the sidewalk, watching the festivities unfold.

I love watching the drum majors leading the marching bands. That dude is way excited about his baton.

Easily the most colorful costumes at the parade.

Some of these costumes had amazingly long feather headresses. Photo? No, no photo. Frown.

Seafair Pirates. Noisy, dirty, silly pirates. (It was funny watching one of them drop kick a styrofoam head into some lady's coffee. I guess that's what you get for standing IN the street, during a parade.)

I was dying over the adorableness of that little girl. She was totally hamming it up.

What parade would be complete without flaggers?

I'll leave you with this image...

West Seattle can be kind of a weird place.

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This week's wwKw is a request to style this dress  for the lovely Panda, who's having quite the fashion crisis for an upcoming September wedding. This dress is one contender.

This is easily the most challenging dress I've yet to style. I love the vibrant royal blue color, but it made it tough to piece together three very different looks.

Well, c'est la and what not. Here is what I came up with:

{ sophisticate }
earrings: ilexiadesigns
wrap: modCloth
clutch: Upstyle
shoes: modCloth

{ sweet }

 earrings: PookieandPierre
 clutch: nordstrom
shoes: modCloth 

{ sassy }
paisley jacket: anthropologie
gunmetal shoes: Zappos

{ how would YOU wear this dress? }

It's a special posting day: my 71st post to you, my 71 dear sweet followers! 

The very best part about blogging, is the wonderful community of people I've discovered. I've loved reading your adventures, advice, tales and admissions. I can't wait to see what the future will bring!

If I may, I'd like to take a moment to thank these wonderful bloggity bloggers, who've shared the <3 for yours truly over the last week. 



Check out their fantastic blogs!
You all rock my world.

I'm entering what is looking to be a crazyinsanebusy work day, so crave + rave  is going to be delayed until next Wednesday. Terribly sorry, dear ones, but I promise a great one next week!

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 Shindig, hootenany, gala or bash - who doesn't love a good party?

 (possibly the best title for a treasury ever!)

 { what's your kind of party? }

The hubbers and I attended the Bite of Seattle food festival.

It was a glorious Saturday at the Seattle Center.....

...which meant one thing.... was ri-dizity-donk crowded!

But we braved the crowds, like the tough little foodies we are... sample foods from all over the globe.


{ how was your weekend? }

Max & Fifi have decided Fridays = extra mischief time. ( I really didn't know kittens observed TGIF. )

Here's the top 5 ridiculous things they've already accomplished before 9am:

  1. Chewed through my mouse cord.  
  2. Broke through my clever barrier and got trapped inside my desk drawers (again).
  3. Scratched the beejus out of our leather bar stools.
  4. Broke through the hubber's clever barrier, and got trapped inside the computer cabinet (again).
  5. Mysteriously broke one of my computer's USB ports. I still don't know how they managed to pull that one off.

 { It's a good thing they're cute.}

In other news, my regular "wwKw" post will return next week. Sorry all, but I'm in the middle of preparing foooooor....

If you're in the area Sunday (the 18th), stop on by and say hello! LittleGrayFox and I will be sharing a table.

{ what are your weekend adventures? }

I  have to share the adorable awesomeness of this little Etsy shop.

As you should know by now, shopnevertheless is based out of Perth, Australia.

I had never ordered anything from Australia before. I purchased an adorable little brooch, and it only took about 12 days to arrive! That seems crazy fast to me. 

My little brooch was packaged super securely and SO cute-ly!

And look how CUTE it is! I totally love it to pieces. (I get tons of compliments on it, too!)

Plus, there were these bonus little guys inside....

...attached to a super sweet thank you note from their creator.

From start to finish it was a breeze to shop at shopnevertheless. I will definitely do so again. 
And to any American shoppers out there: do NOT fear shopping Aussie! It really doesn't take long at all!

{ what have you bought lately? }

On a cloudy gray morning here in Seattle, I discovered my little ol' blog had been filled with sunshine, thanks to the lovely and talented Sara of C'est La Vie.

{ Here's some sunshine for you }

"mini raincloud with sun brooch" by yasminellis

"yellow happiness ornate frame" by amye123

"limited edition print (caring forest)" by apak

"tea for two vintage melamine tea set" by amyalisha

"silk screened poster - let the sun shine in" by slidesideways

Thank you, C'est La Vie, for this lovely award!

I'd love to pass this on to these great bloggers:

{ Check them out  - guaranteed to add a little sunshine to your day! }

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