I see some funny stuff while out on the road.

And to answer your question, no I definitely did not stop here
and have a malted for dinner, as opposed to real food.


{ see anything good lately? }

It's been a pretty craptastic week.
So what's the cure?

Super awesomely crafty goodness.
"Flossy the Unicorn Embroidery Floss Bobbin" by sugarcookie

Just...awesome.  I would love to have a fleet of rainbow colored unicorns populating my craft room.

"KARMA- Handspun Wensleydale Yarn- 160 yards 8 plus ounces" by SpunRightRound

Everytime I think I'm going to give knitting a break (isn't it almost summer?), I find some beautiful yarn that tempts me back into stitchery. 

"VIntage Wooden Sewing Spools-Spool Party" by inmyigloo

My grandma had a drawer filled with spools and spools of colorful threads.  It was one of my favorite parts of her house.  These make me so happy.

"Group of Vintage Embroidery hoops" by found2donkeys

Look at these amazing shapes! 

"Kingsley Koala Hand Carved Stamp" by HandmadeBlayne

The cuteness of this little fella makes me want to 1) own him and 2) learn how to carve stamps. 
New hobby?

{ what's your cure for a bad week? }

Saturday was the most gloriously perfectly sunny day.

We couldn't put off redoing the garden any longer.


That's one dead tree.

And three hours later...


Ok, so it doesn't look like much.

But at least we replaced all the dead things, with non-dead things (at least for now).

Later, because I was unwilling to give up even the last little shred of sunshine,
we had a bananagrams fest on the patio.

I lost, btw.  How can you LOSE when playing "velociraptor?"  Arrrgh! 
(F, indeed.)

Have you ever played this game?  It's aMAZing!

The hubbers winning hand.
Xenophobe?  Really?  He is so damn clever.

 ( Sorry for the posting delay.  This week has started out INsane. )

{ what did you get up to? }

Where has the last year gone?

It seems like just yesterday I began this whole blogging thing.

"ViNTaGE German Contessa Typewriter" by Sought

And now I have some big plans for this little blog. 

Here's a little taste what you can expect in the near future:

- a new layout
- moar blog buttons!
- another mystery giveaway!
- the return of the virtual catwalk
- some very exciting announcements...

I better get crackin', eh?

{ what are you planning for the future? }

One year ago today, this little blog was born.

Time to par-tay.

"Late for the Party 4x6 Fine Art Print" by TheLightFantastic

I think we're going to need to have a blog party up in here.


I'm going to put on a pretty dress...

"vintage heels, QualiCraft stilettos, red suede" by ElasVintageFinds

...maybe some fabulous shoes...

"Lilac Doughnut" by mrswoowoo

...( snacks are encouraged )...

"Four Seasons Martini Glasses--Limited Edition 4 Piece Collection" by marywibis

...and have a fancy beverage.

{ are you in?}

Sometimes it's the little things.

Click the photo for more.

{ what's beautiful to you today? }

We were bitten by the Spring spruce up bug this weekend.

And that bug said: "you need patio furniture."

What would you think the odds are all this would fit inside a Toyota Camry?

If you guessed "pretty good," then you are the winner !
(and have a lot more faith in the hubbers tetris skills than I.)

And 'some assembly required'  later...

... the finished product!

I've got big plans to live outside this summer.
Now, if only the weather would cooperate...

{ how was your weekend?}

For their birthday my Mom sent the kittens a box full of toys.
(I know, so spoiled right.)

She also sent the Catsitter DVD collection. 
It's footage of birds, mice, butterflies and the like, flitting across the screen.

I was skeptical at first...

tv junkie

...but it totally works!

Fiona doesn't seem to care for it, but the second we pushed play Max was hypnotized.

couch potato

I think we've created a monster.

{ does your pet watch TV? }

There's a certain someone who has a birthday coming up.
I'm hoping this is one of those days he doesn't read my blog.

"Men's Red Recycled Bass Guitar String Bracelet" by TightlyWound

Pretty.  Freakin'.  Cool.

"Hollow Book Safe - Therapy with Flask Cut-Out (flask included)" by ConduitPress

Who couldn't use one of these??

"Recycled Bicycle Chain Cuff Links" by bicyclerecycled

These are so clever!  Perfect for the bicycle enthusiast.

"The Doors - Greatest Hits record clock (Light My Fire, Riders On The Storm, People Are Strange)" by RecordTime

This could really groove up his man cave.

"Leather Upcycled Fossil Briefcase with Hand Painted Map of Michigan" by BrightWall

I love anything functional with a clever, fun little twist.
Plus...Michigan! Yay!

Go here for more fella-tastic finds
(and to discover what else these fab finds have in common).

{ what would you give the man in your life? }

I'm in a springy / happy / easter-y kind of mood today.

Click the photo for more pastel deliciousness.

Like this?  Try these:

i want these so bad

hey, it's pink, so it's 'office legal' right?
that's how i can justify it yes??

i need to get contacts again, so i can rock these
or these or maybe both

i may or may not have purchased this because it was so pretty and yellow-y and sprinkly

{ is it spring yet?? }

Super.  Great.  Weekend.


My brother sent me a sweet little box of macaroons from Paris.
Pretty sure I've got the best brothers ever, sorry.


moar otters

I really hope I get reincarnated as one.

pike place

End the day with a stroll through the market, and you've pretty much got an excellent day on your hands.

Plus, almost NO RAIN.  Gasp!

{ what adventures did you get into? }

Ha ha, oh, Fiona....

lazer cat

Lazer cat desires your soul!

{ what's your lol of the day? }

Randomly awesome finds, fresh from the Taste Test.

"Hanging out, large polaroid print" by  kellyemeraldhart

I adore this photo.  It reminds me even the grayest of days can be beautiful.

"cubic brace" by spinthread

Do want!


"The Skipper Peacoat - Small" by RoverDog

I don't have a dog, but Oh. My. God.


"Mile High - Fine Art Print" by brandistrickland

This is how I feel everytime I look at the mountains. 
The Midwestern girl in me just can't not marvel at them.

"Hickory Hollow Wallscape" by TheBentTreeGallery

My house says: "I need this."

I know, I know - I'm not helping anyone's Etsy addicition.
Apologies, everyone. 

{ any random thoughts today? }

Waiting for my real spring to begin.

Click the photo for more.

Like it?  Try this.

{ what are you waiting for? }

We had this great idea  to go geocaching this weekend.

green river

After a few missteps, a little pen forgetting and general frustration with my gps space machine, we ended up in the complete middle of nowhere.


It was a totally beautiful slice of nowhere, and it's really neat to feel in utterly forgein territory only 20 minutes from home.

We never did find a cache...


...but doesn't this tree look like it has a face??

{ what did you do this weekend? }

Look what came in the mail this week!

Can't.  Freaking.  Wait.

Just a little taste:

{ what's making you happy today? }