The lovely and talented Stacey of Design Addict Mom (go read it and get your design fix on) recently bestowed this happy little award on my little blog. 

And since there can never be enough happy in the world,
here's some things that make me jubilant:


(some ornaments from my tree)


(I'm having this crazy love affair with them right now. I'm not joking when I say I go through a little bottle in a week.)

wood grain

this song

nail polish


old buildings


this spot


fruity drinks on vacation

(ignore the massive plate of nachos in the foreground....)

And now I'd like to pass this onto these lovely bloggers:

List the things that make you happy, and be sure to pass the happy onto others.

{ what makes you happy? }

With October just around the corner,
it's not too early to start planning your perfect Halloween costume...

" Pterodactyl Dinosaur Monster Halloween Costume Adult Custom Size " by missnessamonster

You need to read the entire listing for this costume, and click through all the photos.  Trust me.  You may thank me later.  : )

" Custom Made Ice Cream Cone Hat " by lovemexleaveme

Panda, this one is for you. : )  It's a truly impressive little hat, isn't it?

" Little Gnome Costume SIZES 12mo 24mo 2T " by katesy

Another MUST read listing.  The photos are too cute to miss!  Makes me wish I had a munchkin I could dress up this year.

" Skirt Victorian bustle skirt Halloween marie antoinette gothic skirt steampunk skirt vampire ball" by thesecretboutique

For the more serious costumer, this gorgeous skirt will definitely make you stand out amongst the ghouls and goblins.

" Vegetarian Noodle Bowl Halloween Costume... Custom Size..." by NotTheKitchenSink

This is for all you hipster parents out there.  : P

{ so. what are YOU going to be for Halloween? }

 The continuing saga of our trip to the Puyallup Fair. 

Now, with more aminals.

Inside one of the competition barns.  The breeders and farmers take a lot of pride in showing off their aminals.

So proud.

 This is the craziest looking bird ever.

That's not a wig.

I love speckledy chickens. 

You're the most beautiful one of all.


 Can you tell this little sheep has 4 (four. Four. F-O-U-R.) antlers?  He's called a Jacob sheep, and he's NEAT!


The hubbers made a new friend!

I feel like there's something wrong with these eggs...

And now, for your viewing pleasure....

... a cheeseburger made out of vegetables.

{ i'd eat that burger. wouldn't you? }

ps - the { treasury trove } will return next week, but in the meantime check out my latest ode to autumn here.

On Saturday, the hubbers and I fought massive traffic jams and headed to The Puyallup Fair.  It's one of the top 10 largest fairs in the world, so it's quite the spectacle really.  We visited the barns, ate the beloved Krusty Pups and wandered around the brighly lit rides.

The fair always looks better at night...

 ....doncha think?

ps - We waited about 30 minutes in line for these ( because they are the most delicious scones of all time).

Check back tomorrow, where I'll share some more of our Fair adventure...

{ have you been to a fair? }

A few weeks ago, the hubbers and I went on an Underground Seattle tour with some friends from out of town.  We'd never done it before, and after a lengthy stop at Elysian Fields Brewery, it seemed like a good idea....

The tour takes you beneath Pioneer Square, the original center of the city.

You navigate between weird open spaces....

...and narrow corridors.

I'm a huge fan of spooky, broken down spaces, so I found it quite interesting.

( This is a terrible photo, but I love these old lobby benches. )

And now, without any further ado........

Thank you all for participating in my Mystery Box of Awesome giveaway! 

The winner is Diana of Express-o!

Yaaay, Diana! You can email me your shipping info, and your box of awesome will be on it's way!

{ did you guys like the 'mystery box' idea? }

So because I can neither tell time nor know what day it is, I've extended my giveaway for one more day.  My ding-battiness is your BONUS!  Winner to be announced tomorrow (I mean it this time).

Just in case you are not the lucky recipient of my Mystery Box of Awesomeness, you can buy yourself a little surprise, courtesy of the wide world of Etsy.

"Mixed Box - FIVE AIR PLANTS" by tohold

How cool is it this?  Can't decide what houseplants to adorn your space?  Noooo problem! 

"Party Girl Mystery Box No. 2 - Contains 5 PIECES of Jewelry" by CreationsbyJuliann

I dunno what might be in a 'party girl mystery box,' but I'd sure like to find out!

"Organic Catnip Bakery Grab Bag of 5." by CatzillaCrafts

Yep.  It's official.  You can get a 'mystery assortment' of just about anything on Etsy.  Even your kitty can has some surprize fun!


"SALE 3 Dozen Cookies Mystery Box" by megscreations

I'm willing to be ANY of these gorgeous looking cookies would be delish.  At least this way you can eliminate the pain of choosing.


"super surprise mystery diagram floursack tea towel" by girlscantell

I am in love with these tea towels, and I'm pretty sure I'd never be able to make up my mind.  They're all so cool!

so don't forget: today is The LAST Day to enter my giveaway!

I'll announce the winner tomorrow. Yippee!!

{ how do you feel about purchasing 'mystery assortments' ? }

It occurred to me the other day, my two good pals and I have critter-y alter egos...

( Click los links to see the bigger picture. )

moi (ish)

That's kinda funny, isn't it?

{ what would your animal be? }

pssssst! - only 2 days left to enter my giveaway!

On Saturday the hubbers and I headed to Town Hall in Seattle to see The Airborne Toxic Event.  It was pouring rain as we waited outside for the show to begin, but I said it once and I'll say it again:
Worth. It.

View from the second row!

 Mikel phoning Noah (the MIA bass player) from the stage. 
"Seattle is calling you.  Everyone's waiting.  No, I can't talk now...So. How's your mother?...."

The triumphant arrival of Noah. 
Slappin' da bass.

The tiny venue was awesome.  We guesstimated there were like 200ish people.

"Let's pretend this is a rock show!"

I can't pretend to know a lot about music, but if you ever have the opportunity to go see this band - DO IT.  They put on a spectacular show (Johnny Cash covers, say wha!), and it's apparent they still love what they do. 

All in all:
best. show. ever.

{ what was your favorite concert? }

psssssst! - don't forget to enter my giveaway! (just a few more days!)