Foxes are the new owl.
At least in Etsy-land.

"Arnold the retro red fox plush with mustard woolen glasses" by OneLittleRedFox

You can find foxes with  vintage flair....

"fox pouch black and lime faux" by squirrellicious

...foxes that will make them stare...

"Fox and Foxtail Cupcake Toppers" by deathbycupcake

....some are a little sweet...

"Brown Felt Soap with Orange Fox ( Cranberry Scent )" by Sofino

...some will help you scrub your feet.

Whatever kind of fox catches your eye,

"Bring You the North Star" by krisblues

...there's bound to be one nearby.

Happy early birthday, my friend.

{ are you diggin' foxes? }

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.

And it's almost here!
(where has all the time gone?)

Click the photo for more!

Like this?  Try these:

{ is it too soon to look forward to the weekend?? }

It's hard to believe, but I got a little sun burned this weekend.

We finally hit a lovely mid 70s summer day,
 and the hubbers and I spent the whole thing hanging out on the patio.

sun drunk

The girls were pretty jealous.

Speaking of silly kittehs....

...have you seen this??
It kills me!

{ how was your weekend? }

I may have a slight addiction to long, delicate necklaces.

Find some of these lovelies from Etsy here and here.

I had the hubbers hang this tree branch hook (please excuse the light switches!), and now everytime I see it,
I'm in love all over again.

I've even started to make my own.  Any guesses which ones?


Oops...I gave it away.

{ what's your jewelry staple? }

I know it's lame to live in the Pacific Northwest and b*tch about the weather.

But. Come. ON.

Click the photo for more moody weather gear.

Excuse me while I pout a little.

{ is the sun shining where you are? * }

* maybe i'll come and visit.  or at least live vicariously through you.


I told ya I was working on new things. photograph
(stop raining Seattle plz kthanxbai) .

{ how was your weekend? }

It's been a long time since I've updated my Etsy shop.

embroidery rainbow

But I'm working on it.  I swear.

{ what are you workin' on today? }

Whilst surfing Pinterest ( this is becoming a problem) I found this:

And immediately knew I had to try it.

I'm not allowed to wear blues or greens to work anymore ( crycrycrycry)
so I had to search high and low for a "normal" glitter color ( testing boundaries, anyone? ) .

all that glitters

$0.99 Wet N Wild in 435G.  Who knew?

{ what are your nails sportin' today? }

Good things come in tiny packages.
I should know.

"Super Tiny Owl, Brown Fat Micro crochet miniatures collectibles toys, OOAK" by suami

How do you even make something this small and adorable??

"Tiny gold dash necklace" by ritasoy

So tiny.  So delicate.  So should be mine.

"Brooch/cameo Banner" by Deerface

I marvel at the incredible detail in this delicate little painting.

"Miniature Cloud Factory" by PearsonMaron

Even though I don't think we need any (we have quite enough clouds out here thank you very much),
I still pretty much adore the quirkiness of this. 

"tiny forest gardens" by knitalatte

Mmmmmushrooms.   (Stop gagging, hubbers.) 
Do you think there's a tiny little gnome living somewhere in this photo?

{ what little things make you happy? }


Can I just wear all the colors today?

Click the photo for moar colorz!

Like this?  Try these:

Seriously.  I want them all.

I have the mint green ones, but can we all just drool over the gorgeousness here?

Working on compiling more here.

{ what's your summer palette look like? }

This is what they look like.



{ back soon with an actual post....hopefully. }

The hubbers and I went on a trip our 5th anniversary.
Can you guess where?

Warning: photo heavy!



epcot 2

haunted mansion


castle 2

{ are you a big kid at heart? }

Last night I went to see The Airborne Toxic Event at the Showbox SODO.

The Airborne Toxic Event @ TRIX

It was an entirely different show than last year (think more mosh pit, less sitting),
but still completely worth the minor hearing loss this morning.

The Airborne Toxic Event @ TRIX

And.  AND.  AND.  I met 3 members of the band!  Yes, I know.  I'm like the uber-nerd. 
But it was lovely, and they were very kind. 

So I wasn't really able to take any photos ( but look at these lovely ones someone else took! ), but I found this video recorded at last year's concert.

And funny story -- you can totally see me in the bottom left hand corner.  Ha!  How random is that?

{ who's your favorite band? }

A taste of 90 degree weather has put me in a summer frame of mind.
Too bad Seattle weather doesn't seem to agree.

"Mustard Dark Coral Tri Level Beaded Necklace" by Papavier

I adore this little color palette.   

"Little Forest (pin)" by LilyMoon

I could keep the forest with me, even while working the summer days away.

"Aztec Navajo Brown Leather Tundra laptop overnight bag" by hoakonhelga

This just screams "summer road trip," doesn't it?

"Leaf Thank You Notes - Rainbow Forest" by AshleyPahl

I may or may not have a birthday coming up, and these may or may not be absolutely perfect little thank yous.

"Red Poppy tea bag holder , ring holder or spoon rest hand built pottery" by MarciG

I always think of poppies when I think of summer.  Mine are blooming right now (confused), but I remember my mom's would only open in the full August heat.


{ what are you craving the most for summer? }

Hi all.

( Click the photo for moar. )

I'm baa-aack!

Thank you to my most lovely guest posters!  They did a great job, didn't they?

If you haven't checked out The Captain, Krystal, Tsuki and Heather, well...
don't be a cotton-headed ninnymuggins.

{ so.  what have you been up to? }

Psssst! - so much catch ups coming at you soon!

Hi! This is Heather from a measure of... writing an adventure post for Kelli today while she enjoys a happy anniversary with the hubbers.

We live a lot farther away from good hiking trails than I'd like to. But the Sunol-Ohlone regional wilderness is a pretty fun place with a wonderful visitor's center that is home to a few bat families. Though they are a bit too fast and crepuscular to photograph.

On our last trip I found this pretty bug and shot it (with my camera) for Kelli--though I didn't know it was for Kelli at the time

Since we've been having so much rain--um, really, come on June in California, WTH?--everything is still pretty green (and pink). 

The cows dig it. 

The trees dig it. 

Hikers on the horizon dig it. 

Even the bridge triangles dig it. 

What are you diggin'?
Hi y'all! This is Tsuki from LittleGrayFox. I'm stopping by to do a super sneaky guest post for the lovely Miss Kelli! Since she usually posts a "Photo Friday", I decided to stay with her bloggy plans and post my own photo Friday for you guys. But first, I wanted to give you a quick tip for finding great photos!

I love to use Flickr! Their advanced search options are great and it is full of many talented folks! Plus, you always know whether or not those folks want you "snagging" their stuff! Here are some quick steps you can take to ensure that you won't be accused of stealing pics!

Step 1 - Go to and click on their "search" button 

Step 2 - choose "Advanced Search"

Step 3 - scroll down until you find the "creative commons" section and check the box to "only search Creative Commons content"

Step 4 -  enter your keyword and hit search

Step 5 - once the search results pop up, click on "interesting" to find the top photos under that keyword

Step 6 - find the photo you want and be sure to give credit to the photog!

I hope that helped some of you out a bit :) Now on to the pics! These are all photos of things I think of when I think of summer! It's going to be a gorgeous weekend, here in Seattle -- FINALLY! So I'm in the mood for some heat!.....and.....






and gorgeous sunsets!

What comes to your mind when you think of summer?

Hi! This is Krystal (I blog at Village) and I'm guest posting for our Kelli today! My mission? Random. Basically you know hard that is? But anyway, I finally settled on showing you these movie barcodes because they make me happy - a whole film is taken and the screen shots are cut into these tiny slivers and put together all barcode like...which is pretty neat - you can check out the Tumblr here. (I found it via this site)

The movies above are West Side Story, Office Space and Aladdin...can you guess which is which??

{answer 1. office space 2. aladdin 3. west side story}
Thanks, Krsytal!

Hello all! This is The Captain speaking! You may know me as frequent commenter/stalker of this here blog, as well as the poster of all things that make me smile (and occasionally my own photos) at .
(follow meee! plzzz!!)

Today is June 1. Almost half the year is up. and summer is right around the corner. It's also Worldwide LAM Awareness Day. What is LAM? Well, to put it simply, it's a Lung Disease that affects (mostly) women in their childbearing years. It has no cure, and one of my favorite people in the entire world was diagnosed with it in 2007 (My beautiful and courageous Aunt Mary Kay).

So please, take some time to read up on it and share the information with someone you know. Knowledge is power!

In honor of Worldwide LAM Awareness Day, this crave and rave is all about feathers. The feather is the symbol of The LAM Foundation. So, give those suffering with LAM a Breath of Hope, and enjoy my very own crave + rave!

Here's a welcome addition to anyone's jewelry stash.

I've been buying bits and pieces of things for a soon-to-be bedroom redecoration frenzy. Two of these and I'll totally be in heaven.

I'm LOVING heathered apparel lately (or always) and this half Shakespeare's quill is enough for me to go loony over

Kelli certainly knows, as I took her on a wallet-hunt while I visited her recently...but I have a thing for wallets. A love affair, if you will. How cute is this one?? Perfect for my iphone too!

Totally digging this rustic frame against the clean color options for this poster.

I have the most adorable Goddaughter (Hi Hannah!) and I think she would be lovely in this for the 4th of July (before tearing it off her head, of course)

Finally, not to get all debbie downer on you, but a lot of LAM patients eventually end up needing a lung transplant. and while I hope it never gets to that point for my dear Aunt Mary Kay, it's a possibility. I can't give her new lungs, but i could give her this sweet (as sweet as lungs can be) necklace:

I hope you enjoyed our time together! don't forget to catch me on the tumblr

And please, read...pass the knowledge on...and always have hope!

-Monica (The Captain)

Thanks, Monica!