Just wanted to take a moment to say....
( How NEAT are these cards??? YeeHaw has tons of fun stuff like this!)

Holy cow! 50 followers! Thank you all for joining me here. 
I am truly enjoying getting to know all of you....and I think I'm falling in love with blogging. *blush*

So, love and thanks to you all, and have a wondrous weekend. 

{ see you on Tuesday! }

Ok, ok - I'm a day late on this one (I got a little tied up in treasury-land, you know how it is). But I didn't forget!

I know this theme is getting little done-to-death, but hey, it's FAIR season, and I can't wait to go. And now, for your browsing pleasure.....

 "The Octopus Dance" by Stoopidgerl

I am completely in love with this print. Actually, I'm in love with most of Stoopidgerl's shop. Bright colors, silly themes -- what's not to like? Seriously, pop in if you're in need of a smile. :)

A search for small paper bags turned up these cuties from HeyYoYo. These adorable little bags send my mind on a fantastical journey into circus-land...

 "Ooooh", indeed! This little guy looks like he'd fit right in at the carnival. The detail-work is just amazing, and look! A tiny top hat! So cute! (ps - go check out The Bearded Lady at contemori, too!)

Step right up, and get your ticket to.....whatever you wish! Can you imagine the wonders these tickets would admit you to? 

Show your 'carnival love' with this cheeky little headband. I love the color combination. It's so cute, it makes me reconsider chopping off all my hair this summer....:P

{ now i want some popcorn...}

After a horrid commute into work this morning, what do I find but a little bit of "oh, JOY!" in my Etsy inbox....I'm in a Treasury! :{D

The awesome mujoyas featured my bird's nest brooch in the treasury 

(which, coincidentally, is what i really needed to do anyway...)

Be sure to click the link for a closer look, leave some love for mujoyas, and check out her awesome shop!

{ thanks, mu! }

Well late, late, late again to the blogosphere today, but better late than never, right?

I've spent the last few hours (yep, hours) working on a new treasury. Here in the States, a holiday called Memorial Day falls this weekend, and I thought I'd do a treasury in its honor. Click the link for a closer look.

Memorial Day is a patriotic holiday, usually marked by BBQs, block parties and three day weekends (!). It's foundation was to honor and memorialize the loss of life suffered by military service members in the line of duty, but seems better known today as the unofficial beginning of summer, and crazy retail sales incentives.
I love all these things that typically accompany this weekend, but it feels wrong these days, not pausing to think, thank and remember. And as silly as it is, making this treasury made me quietly contemplate what Memorial Day really means.  

I am extremely, endlessly, miraculously lucky that at the end of each tour, the hubbers came home safe to me. I hope so very much that someday soon, spouses and families of military service members will no longer have to say these goodbyes, and wonder...

Anyway, I know in the midst of the shopping and BBQing and three-day-off-ing, I will be thinking about those families that weren't as fortunate as I, and remembering those soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines who aren't here today.

{ peace. }


image lives here

{ you? }

On these seemingly endless rainy days here in the PNW, it's nice to have lovely pals to surround you with good cheer. 

Today was the deadline for LittleGrayFox's uber-fun 'Crafty Challenge: Here Comes the Sun.' Visit her Facebook page to see all the entires (including yours truly). Give her a 'Like' to be notified about other upcoming challenges. They are super fun!

Also, my homie, Panda of ASHCreations, made this awesome treasury.... and included me! Click the link to see the whole sunny shebang. :P

{ thanks, ladies! }

A cute little idea found on ninewaysdown blog... (the parentheticals are all my fault.)
And yeah, there's no 'four.' I just really like that song, counting police. : P

   3 names I go by
1. little one
2. baby, but only by the hubbers...I know - totally uninspired!
3. munchkin 
                  (i'm little, get it?)


3 jobs I have had
1. barista                  
2. film marketing rep 
3. army wife              

3 places I have lived
1. west siiiiide, nyc
2. bavaria-land, germany
3. suburban detroit

photo found here                   
3 fave drinks  
1. water                 
2. german beer       
3. more specifically,

    photo found here

    3 tv shows I watch
1. how i met your mother
2. community
3. psych

                                                                                     Photo found here
3 (most random) places I have been
     1. hell, michigan                     
      2. socorro, new mexico         
      3. boleslawiec, poland           

image found here                                        
3 places I'd like to visit       
1. north dakota                              
2. alabama                                     
3. alaska (the last 3 states I need.   
I'm getting all 50 before I'm 30.) 

3 fave retro tv shows
1. get smart
2. dragnet (don't judge me)
3. old skool looney tunes

     3 fave dishes
1. Aladdin's doner kebaps. oh, how i will 
    endlessly crave (and miss) you.
2. beecher's mac & cheese
3. mother's crab cake benedict

 3 things I am looking forward to
1. Punk Rock Flea Market (June 5th in 
Belltown...insert shameless plug...)!!
2. summer fair and festival season          
3.having my dear pals visit ~ woohoo!   

{  so...tell us about you? }

Please forgive the unoriginal title (rapidly descending into a lovely cold)....

{ congrats, graduates! }

Since we had so much fun last week, I've decided to make this week's theme 'guessable' as well.

Best of luck!

"two polish wooden birds" by findingfabulous
I became obsessed with German glass bird Christmas ornaments after living in Bavaria for 2 years, but I think these Polish vintage ones would be perfect for everyday, no?

"modern....ruby glow red vintage sugar stone ring" by relic360
The vivid ruby-ness of this stone makes me drooool. In advertising, they say red is the best color to inspire craving. It works.  Plus it kinda looks like something out of the Queen's jewel box.

"yellow oxyde petal skirt" by heirapparel
I love the 'paper bag' style detail at the back of this skirt. It feels like a nod to the old world bustle, and even though I've got my share of junk in the trunk-ular region, I think this would be super flattering on any modern girl.

"yellow and flower ruffles zipper pouch" by hellolollipop
Sweet as candy, this little yellow pouch is definitely on my 'want' list. Is there any cuter way to stow your makeup, pencils, jewelry or what have you?

"pomegranate seed earrings" by HannaKinsey
I. Love. RED CORAL. Blame it on my time in Hawai'i, but I lust after it. And the fact that these beads came from a larger vintage piece is so cool. Just think of the amazing tropical adventures those beads have been on...

{ happy guessing! }

postscript ~ the hint I gave last week will help you in this endeavor as well...

A return to the good ol' days of treasury space stalking.....

Maybe someone will take pity on me and buy me a donut....

{ nom }

An explanation for my blogosphere absence:

...we went to Chicago for the weekend!

We attended the lovely wedding of a very dear, old friend. I just adore the colors the bride picked out -- a deep teal, and a sunny yellow!

It was a beautiful occasion, and we are so happy for the both of them. 

We got our groove on....

...and then had a lovely stroll around the city.

Millenium Park had a lot of cool things I'd never seen before. My favorites were the 'Crown Fountain' by Jaume Plensa (above).....

.....and the 'bean' sculpture by Anish Kapoor. (No one calls it by it's real name, 'Cloud Gate.' It's just referred to as 'the bean.')

I call this one 'self portrait.'

{ to the happy couple! }

I had to make this treasury THREE times (thanks to a little craziness with the Treasury East system....you know what I'm talking about), so at loooooong last, here is my ode to all you hip daddy-o's out there..

and don't forget to share the love here ---> { Hey Big Papa }
she lost all her comments too! : (

{ viva la (glitch free) treasury! }

I've decided to shake things up a little, and let you, dear readers, take a guess as to my 'crave + rave' theme this week....

and away we go:

"Darbyshire Feathered Ivory Cloche" by Manonofhollywood
I wish, I wish, I wish the turquoise hair came with this amazingly adorable cloche. They go so well together!

A real piece of bark enclosed inside (note: no trees were harmed in the production of this ring)! Curious, creative and cool.

"Frame" by AHeirloom
Corian: Not just for countertops anymore! I have a serious love of plastic-y materials that evoke that mid-Century modern feeling. And this is just fricken-fracken COOL!

I adore the teal and cherry read color combination, which always reminds me of springtime. So happy!

I love the shape this grouping of coconut sticks make. Simple, clean lines, but oh so interesting!

Take your best guess in the comments section and the correct guesserer will win.....my eternal love & devotion! :{D 
Godspeed, little doodles!

{ yays! }

My dear pal, LittleGrayFox has created a super cool father's day treasury.

Check it out! ---> { Hey Big Papa }

{ happy shopping for dad! }

....HERE, today....

....than HERE today.

(image lives here)

{ where would you rather be? }

I'm super excited to be a part of my first ever craft-y event!

Entrance is only $1, and goes to benefit the Low Income Housing Institute, which builds homes for homeless and low income folks all over Puget Sound.

Click for more Punk Rock Flea Market info.

{ hope to see you there! }

It's been about six months since the hubbers and I moved into our first home. 


We bought a newly constructed home, so we've had to build our yard up from dirt, rocks (oh, so many rocks) and weeds. 

We decided to hydroseed our entire yard about a month ago, and yesterday the grass was finally due for it's first mowing. 

Before mowing, I grudgingly realized I would have to do something about the invading army of weeds that were threatening a complete occupation of our back lawn.

About two hours into this process of digging, pulling, cursing, yanking, sweating and having dirt fly into my face, I was only about a quarter of the way done with the back lawn. And I couldn't help myself. I thought: "I've made a huge mistake."  (10 bonus points for quote identification.)

But at the end of a VERY long afternoon, where I gave entirely too much thought to how clever these little weeds are (with their tricky root systems, and attempts to disguise themselves as unusually long strands of grass) I was very pleased with the outcome. Except for the lower back pain.

{ ouchers. }