This is pretty much how I feel after the last two days:

sleepy river otter

Except not as cute.

Looking forward to some much needed crafty times with the ladies tomorrow night.

{ how are you unwinding this week? }

I mean, who doesn't these days?

Click the photo for more!

But until that glorious day I can get away,
I'll just have to make due with some bright and happy Etsy finds.

{ where would you go to get away? }

Winter has found the Pacific Northwest.

snowy pines

And eeeverybody's losing their minds.

But I can't blame anyone.

When I woke up to this on Wednesday,

early morning snow

I knew I wasn't going anywhere.

So we just kicked back and enjoyed the beautiful view from our window.

snowy yard

But now that things look more like this

(that's a sheetload of ice)

I'm pretty much over the novelty.

{ can we just get back to the rain already? }

Sometimes I feel like Etsy is just exploding with cool things.

Click for moar.

Here are some of them.

{ what's blowing your mind right now? }

Has it really been nearly 3 months since my last post?


Worst.  Blogger.   EVER.

I wish I could say I had some great reason for this unplanned hiatus.

But I don't. 

Too much stress, not enough happy.  Which makes for great whining, but not so fascinating blog posts.

But I have missed this blog.


And I am tired of being too tired to do things.  And stuff.  (Mostly things.)

So, I'm done with that.  Onward and upward.  And blogword.
(whaat? punned!)

{ so fill me in -- what have i missed ??? }