I'm bloggin' so late today....bah! And since I can blame it all on work drama, I'm in need of some silliness, Etsy-style*. 
Here's what's making me 'lolaotp' (bonus points if you can figure THAT out...:P).  

* It's pretty self-evident, so I'll leave you without my witty commentary today. (ha!)

{ enjoy! }

"Sad Seven-armed Octopus - hand printed evergreen women's t-shirt" by mumbletease

"moody camel" by WhatParty

"I wish I had a penguin friend small digital print" by momoma

"moldy bread plush" by mypapercrane

"bob ross finger puppet" by abbeychristine

{ any of these tickle your funny bone? }

P.S. Yeah, andie, I know: "That's what she said."

A little treasury love for all our bestest pals. Click for a closer look.

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...than here.
this photo from the amazing monica freisem

{ sometimes you just wanna lay in the sun, right? }

This is how my day is going.

{ how's yours? }

The focus of this week's { what would Kelli wear } is this pretty little salmon dress from Anthropologie. The question: What color shoes (other than silver) would 'go' with this dress? I had so much fun searching for shoes, that I decided to once again, style three entire different outfits.

{ brunch with the ladies }
necklace: BeauAndStella
clutch: ToonDesign
shoes: modcloth

{ afternoon at the cinema }
cardi: forever21
vintage clutch: fanciness
earrings: joojooland
shoes: modcloth

{ cocktails al fresco }
earrings: AlondraDesign
clutch: ClutchThat
shoes: zappos

Like what I've done in the past? Leave me a comment or send me a message -- I'll work up a post just for you! : )

{ which outfit would *you* wear? }

Well my dears, I missed my blog post yesterday. I had all the good intentions in the world, but well, the sun was shining... We had a lovely grill session with the brother-in-law, who had to come over and meet the girls (which he immediately nicknamed "burrito" and "charred burrito" ......yep).

So needless to say, I've got kittehs on the brain, and this week's crave + rave is dedicated to them. Enjoy the cutest, cleveriest cat toys the Etsy-verse has to offer.

 "Happee Kittee - Organic Catnip Sushi Cat Toys..." by balladhandmade

Perfect for the sophisticated, cosmopolitan kitten, these catnip sushi rolls are sure satisfy any late night sashimi cravings. 

"mustache catnip toy" by maisonwares

Not even the kittens are immune to the mustache trend. How fricken' fracken funny would it be to see them tote this bad boy around the house??  (Note - gentlemen of the elite order of lip sweaters may want to avoid this particular toy, unless they seek to have their facial fur assaulted during the night.)

"Catnip Cat Toy - Sad Cracked Tooth" by heartfeltwool

This is just adorable. Possibly too adorable to subject it to 40 tiny daggers, just dying to rip it's cute little stitched face off. (Who am I kidding? I'm so getting this for them...)

"severed leg cat toy..." by lifewithtigers

The perfect toy to say: "Intruders beware! Vicious, man-nomming beasts reside within." Photographed just right, it should make your tiny terrors look like the giBUNGous beasts they think they are.

"2 beer mugs organic catnip toys by OhBoyCatToy

 While you settle in for the evening with a frosty pint, your tiny pals can join you. Sure, theirs have more eyeballs, but you can enjoy your individual mood-altering substances in perfect harmony.

{ what kind of toys do your pals enjoy? }

So there's a good reason for my late blog-postiness today, I swear. Actually, TWO good reasons....
...their names are Max & Fiona!

We adopted them on Saturday from our local county animal shelter. They are 3 month old sisters, and total, complete maniacs. Their hobbies include beating the bejeezus out of each other, climbing the curtains and attempting to sever any wired object in our home. Needless to say, I am totally exhausted. How do people do this with tiny humans??

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Max & Fiona, as they work to slowly turn our universe upside down.

{ back tomorrow with more coherency, I swear }


In celebration of our Crafty Party this evening, here are some super cool crafting kits I found on Etsy. Have your own Crafty Party any ol' day! :{D

"diy craft kit ....mustache pin.brooch set" by randomnicole

"Vintage 1960s Kenner Spirograph Classic Drawing Kit" by SweetLoveVintage

"Madison cowl kit - blue" by sweatshopoflove

"DIY Gemstone Bracelet Kit - Garnet" by ThreeGracesHandmade 

Happy 5th Birthday, Etsy!

{ and happy crafting to us all! }

The subject of this week's "what would Kelli wear" is this lovely Jean Paul Gaultier for Target mustard halter dress. My good friend managed to snatch one up before they sold out, but ran into shoe trouble. She emailed for help finding navy blue peep toe shoes that could pull double duty: paired with this dress for a wedding, but would also look smokin' with jeans, to snazz up her daily work attire.

( Also: disregard the AWFUL faux tattoo shirt shown here. There are NO images of this dress from the front without that hideous garment. Apparently SOMEone over at JP's team thought this look was the shizz, but I just can't stand it! )

{ Here's what I found }

Admittedly less "navy" and more "royal" blue, this perhaps one of the only variations on the gladiator sandal I've been drawn too. Even though it's not quite what she asked for, I think this color would look unexpected and fun against the mustard yellow. (And also, stylish navy shoes are HARD to find this season!)

I am currently obsessing over the idea of "shooties" paired with a short dress. I love the edginess of the shape, and the unexpected little bows on the side.

The most casual I've chosen, these little wedges could serve as super versatile summer staples. Pairing them with jeans, however, might be a little to "denim dan," and so I guess I've failed that second qualifying factor on this one. Sorry, T. (But they'd look super cute with shorts. So there.)

Of all the pairs I've surfed through today, these are THE ones I'm currently lusting after myself. I love the shape of the heel, and the t-strap -- it all just screams "let's go DANCING!" to me, and really, what more can one ask out of a wedding shoe?
Just for fun, I've thrown in a 'wild card' pair, which complete disregard the navy blue requirement. They're just so dang cute! The plaid is a subtle nod towards the fall (since the aforementioned wedding is in September), while the bright turquoise keeps the outfit light and fun.

* Like my take on all things fashion-y? Feel free to drop me a line with your queries that need a 'colorful'  perspective. ; ) You can reach me here, or by leaving a comment below! *

{  which pair would you pick? }

I am itching to find some new artwork to adorn our colorful walls. I've been collecting some smaller pieces for my craft room, but I'd like to find something to complement our deep teal living room. I've focused this week's crave + rave on some beautiful pieces of original artwork I'm digging.

"The Garden by Brooke Wandall original oil painting" by VedaArt

I am absolutely entranced by the colors in this piece. I feel as though I could get lost in this one...and enjoy every moment.

"Birch Trees on Blue Green with Real Texture by Kristen Dougherty" by Kristend12

I am fairly certain this would be the hubbers would pick this one out in a heartbeat (we sort of have a fixation on trees). There is just something so poetic about birch trees.

"After the Children original arcylic painting" jasonedwarddavis

I am currently having a love affair with primary colors. I've nearly always overlooked them as simplistic, maybe even a little plain. But no longer! This piece just makes me happy.

"Abstract art on tree branches" by focuslineart

Wouldn't it be neat to see large collage of these tree rings? I love the idea of making these paintings customizable to accommodate a wonky space (of which we have quite a few). Plus this mustard-y yellow would be just killer against the teal of our living room.

"Trees in Light" by irenemachine

Ah, trees. This piece has a much calmer feeling to it, as if the trees are swaying softly in the breeze. Definitely not a bad feeling to evoke at the end of a busy day. 

With so many gorgeous original artwork available, it's going to be very hard to decide on piece that truly speaks to us. But I just love the idea of owning an original painting.....

{ ....don't you? }

It's been a little bit since I posted one of these, AND I just had a super world-travely friend confess she'd NEVER been to Canada. As she's a resident North America, I just cannot fathom this.

Last August, the hubbers and I took a ride on the Clipper, and spent two days in Victoria, B.C.

We stayed at the Empress Hotel, a gorgeous hotel that is a landmark in its own right. We didn't experience the legendary tea service (somehow I just can't imagine my hubbers and delicate bone china both surviving it), but we did peek in.

This is where I, in turn, must confess something: I can be a really bad tourist. When it comes to documenting my trip through photographs, I tend to focus on the weird little moments, and miss out on the bigger picture. It makes for an odd recap, but it's what really defines a trip to me.

Here are some of my favorites from our neighbor to the north.

 The Maritime Museum of British Columbia captured our imaginations. Pirates, scuba suits - even a crow's nest you can climb inside. And all those beautiful knots!

We spent a lot of time just wandering the streets, finding shenanigans to get into. It was a gloriously sunny day, and even though we still haven't adjusted to 65 degrees being considered 'summer weather,' we enjoyed ourselves.

(It was funny, though, to be clearly the most bundled up folks in town. Fleeces and wool jackets were our staples, while everyone else seemed to enjoy sundresses and shorts. Maybe one day this will be us...)

We visited the Royal British Columbia Museum, which was filled with all sorts of amazing artifacts and curiosities. One could easily lose themselves here for hours on end.
My favorite was the outdoor Totem Pole garden.


It was a short trip, but a memorable one. My first adventure in British Columbia, but certainly, definitely, posi-lutely not my last!

(i mean, 
i gotta go back to 
get some more to 
die for ice cream!)

{ where are you adventuring this summer? }

.....can be found right here! Congratulations, lucky one, and thank you to all who participated!

Today is a pretty busy day (working on details of our crafty party!), so I will leave with some photos from the weekend.

Yup. It was a weird one.

{ how was your weekend? }