Last night I discovered Fifi had wormed almost all the way up our Christmas tree.  It was cute for a minute, obnoxious after 10 and I contemplated taking the whole damn thing down by the end of the evening...

Sigh.  Good things she's adorable.  And I love Christmas too much to follow through.

Click the photo for even more silliness.

{ expecting a goofybananas holiday this year (like me)? }

Pssssssssst! I'm pretty sure "work karma" is beating me up in payback for the awesomeness that was last week.  I'm already exhastified.... : /

I can't believe I only worked a combined total of one day last week.  Amazing.  But now I feel all discombobulated being back to the daily grind.  These past 4 days went by much too quickly.  Sigh.

So here's some lessons I learned from this weekend's madness:

1. If you are going to make pie, don't ever forget to add sugar.  Also helps if you have had more than 4 hours sleep.

2.  Always look for that stupid plastic bag of guts inside the turkey BEFORE you cook it.

3.  Never underestimate the amount of people that will line up outside of Target on Black Friday.  I swear to jeebus it was like 300 people.  Insanity.

4. My baby cousins are the cutest girls alive.  Highlights from our family gathering:

Peyton running down the hallways shouting her own name "Peeeeytooooon!"
Parker perfectly ennunciating  "Peyton. Is afraid. Of da dogs."
I can't wait until Evie starts talking...

How do I have no photos from this party???

For those of you who joined me in my "live" blogging adventures, it was wonderful to have you along.  Cooking for only 2 other people feels a bit lonely at times, so it was nice to share the misadventures with you all.  

{ so. how was your weekend? }

Pssssssst - the Thanksgiving meal did turn out well.  nearly everything was edible, and nothing caught on fire. win!

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{ until later, my friends! }

Over the course of the last week, I've been contemplating attempting a "live" blog posting, as we prepare our Thanksgiving feast.  Since most of the bigger plans we undertake end up as a series of boggled misadventures, I thought, if nothing else it would be good for a few "lol"s for you all.

Slapsgiving 2009. omg look at all those freakin' white walls!

This is probably a horrible idea, and end up being terribly unfunny, and I'll have to delete it and hide in shame from the 3 of you who might be reading blogs today.  But that's just the risk I'm willing to take.

Allow me to update you on the day thus far:

4:39 am - I am awake.   I don't know why.  Kittens are meowing outside our door.  Must. Ignore. Supreme cuteness.

7:39 am - Unable to sleep, finished reading a novel, and finally arose.  Informed by hubbers that the kittens knocked over a 3 foot tall shelving unit during the night.  How was it THAT wasn't what woke me?

8:03 am - Have realized the ingredients forgotten for today's meal are preventing any action on the cooking front, have declared emergency trip to grocery store.  Inhaling coffee to make the trip bearable, and made the decision to execute said "live blog post." (at least now you know how ended up here.)

9:14 am - Safely returned from grocery store, despite facing this:
 (look, here's a photo, Stef!)

9:15 am - Realized forgot whipped cream. crap.

9:17 am - Gorge on sugary breakfast.  Now hyper, and boiling eggs.

9:53 am - Spilt some, but pies are in the oven.  Punkin pie filling smells pretty good, even when it's burning.

First attempted punkin pies ever.

10:01 am - Choppy chop veggies.  It's almost time to stuff you!

10:04 am - Pull turkey out of freezer. Open 'er up to find guts are frozen and immovalbe inside.  Hubbers is not happy.

10:53 am - Finally put turkey to rest in a bed of butter, butter and more butter.

10:55 am - My pies are cracked. Shit.  Panda says this is a sign of a bad pie. dammit.

11:00 am - Put giant yams (sweet potatoes? whatever.) in to roast for a billion minutes.  Contemplating a nap, but those eggs aren't going to devil themselves (are they? seriously, it'd be really great if they could).

11:01 am - Anyone else feel like Al Roker is really just phoning it in today?  "If you want to know what your weather is like, well go on the Internet or cable."  Gee.  Thanks, dude.

11:23 am - Realizing I don't have cream for twice bake yams (sweet potatoes. whatever.).  Guess the boys are getting the low fat version this year.

12:00 pm ish - Pulled out yams (sweet potatoes. whatever.). I love that oozey gooey thing they do.

12:01 pm - Starting to look distinctly more turkey-ish. 

12:44 pm - Time to watch Mythbusters and smash up some yam-a-roos.  Also, more coffee.  Lots more coffee.  And sugar (altho, let's not discuss how many cinamon rolls i've consumed today. k? thnxbai.)  This no sleep thing is starting to get to me...

12:53 pm - WHY does the therm-o-meter say this turkey is done 2 hours early?! (Emily! totally died when i read your comment b/c it's the SAME DEAL!)  It should be a 4 hour roast, not 2.  I know my Nesco stand-alone roaster is the shizz, but SRSLY.  Whatever.  I'm leaving it in there.  Pout pout pout.

1:50 pm - Yams (sweet potatoes. whatever.) peeled, smooshed, stuffed back in their shells, ready to baked all over again.  Now, time for a pickled nosh.

2:00 pm -  Trying to fight it.  So tired.  Brother-in-law coming over 2 hours early.  Whatever.  As long as he brings the whipped cream I forgot.

2:27 pm - omg BIL is here, and it's madden football time, apparently.  You should probably just kill me now.

4:03 pm - ok I've failed at keeping you up to date these last 2 ish hours.  I'll be back after finally eating, to recap.  I'll leave you with this little gem for now: BIL (picks up thigh bone, pokes brother repeatedly): "LOOK! I'm boning my brother."   Yep.

{ stay tuned for updates, if you dare. mwa hahahahahaaa! }

This week's { crave + rave: gifts for...} is inspired by my desire to be at home, snuggled warmly on the couch with my eReader.

To help you out with your holiday shopping, each week I'll feature gifts tailored to fit certain tastes, all sourced from that wonderful vintage and handmade resource, Etsy.

{ gifts for the bookworm }

"For The Love Of Books Glass Tile Pendant" by thelittlefox

"NEW Forest Kindle/Nook Sleeve" by sakizome

I am in love with this pattern!  Don't forget your friends who've gone the way of the digital book.  (We still love books - so much we feel we need to carry 1,500 of them with us at all times.)

"I Love Books Zipper Pouch" by kukubee

Too.  Adorable.  For words.

"Read More Books Embroidery Hoop Wall Art" by weatherandnoise

Proof their is an embroidery hoop on Etsy, for any occasion.  Plus this one's really cute.

"i like big books canvas tote bag" by BookFiend

"you otha brothas can't deny..."
I must own this.  Santa?  Are you listening? 

"Felt Fawn Woodland Nature Bookmark" by LittleGrayFox

You can't go wrong with a beautifully crafted bookmark.  Everytime your giftee picks up their favorite read, they'll think of you.  (And smile, if you buy them this one.)

Check out these other gift guides for even more handmade for the holidays ideas.


{ any bookworms in your life? }

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Since I'm trapped at home today (ha! like that's a bad thing) by the snow and ice, I'm in full-on holiday prep mode.  Time to pull out the Christmas dishes, get cracking on my handmade decorations and update the ol' shop-a-roo! Oh, and catch up on my blog reads. I'm so behind! BAD blogger BAD!

Oh, and make treasuries. Duh.

Click the photo for even more fun!

Like this?  Try these!
(well actually these have nothing in common -- but they are AWESOME!)

{ since we're riding the random train,
how would you all feel about a coupon code to my shop?* }

* provided i figure out how to use this new feature. Etsy, you are a tricky one sometimes.

It snowed here on Sunday.  And it's still coming down now.  It never snows here. 
Well, almost never. 

My neighborhood, this morning.

I myself am no stranger to the fluffy white stuff.  I spent the majority of my life in the Midwest or the East Coast.  Bavarian Germany also saw it's fair share of flakes.

View from my inside my car.

But somehow, it's entirely different here.  Maybe it's because Washingtonians think throwing sand on it will make it better.  I'm sure it does (a little), but ya know what works better? Rock salt (and lots of it). 

Look, Ma! Front yard is covered (barely).

All morning we've been hearing of multiple car accidents and spin outs, even though in most places there's under an inch of accumulation.

But still, it's falling.

**UPDATE: 12:10pm out the office window...

Wish me luck, since I have to venture out into this mayhem, for work appointments.
( A pox on you who are making me do this! you know who you are. ) UPDATE: WORK APPTS CANCELLED! WAHOO!

{ how do you feel about snow? }

ps - these horrible photos are courtesy of my new mobile web device. hello, 2008!
So there wasn't a Thursday post because I spent the majority of the day messing around for today's post.

Meet, Google's newest website venture. 
You can read all the nitty gritties here.

If you're a fan of curating Etsy treasuries, than you are absolutely going to fall victim to 

The website allows you to browse member curated "boutiques," filled with that persons favorites from all across the fashion world.


You can explore boutiques created by...





even bloggers!


And guess what?? YOU can make your own Boutique too!

( mine! come follow me! end shameless plug. )

In your Boutique you can collect and curate your favorite items -- all without spending one red hot cent! 

You can also "Love" or "Hate" items that begins to 'recommend' to you. The more you rate, the more tailored and accurate the recommendations become.


So for all you fashion junkies out there, who love a good round of window shopping:
you're welcome.

For those of you without hours to flush doing the intertubes:
 ....i sorry!

{ would you make a boutique? }

It's no secret that my addiction color is a huge part of this blog.  What can I say? 
They make my heart sing.

To help you out with your holiday shopping, each week I'll feature gifts tailored to fit certain tastes, all sourced from that wonderful vintage and handmade resource, Etsy.

{ gifts for the color junkie }

"Sorbet Necklace" by Rivington

I love these delicious, unusually paired colors.  Seriously.  It's love.
Holy crap it's gonna be hard to not snatch up all of this week's finds...

"Teal Chevron Stripe with Emerald ALEXIS Clutch" by ao3designs

 Sometimes a little splash of color makes a huge statement -- especially against this awesomely bold pattern.

"sparkle and shine brooch" by ashdel

There is something so French about these colors to me.  I'm not sure why.  Mais, c'est bon - je t'aime, petite brooch.  ( haha - i don't have the francais for "brooch." )

"Vintage- Colorful Polka - Dot Scarf" by lisabarton

I am just now realizing that this scarf totally reminds me of the old school Wonder Bread packaging.  It's all I can see now.   Still awesomely colorful though.

"Forest Seedlings Tote (Vintage Floral Flames)" by littleoddforest

I have no idea how I just stumbled across this whimsical little shop.  It's filled with playful color combinations and adorable patterns.  I love the vivid yellow against the khaki, pink and navy.  Sooo contrasty!
{ do you have a color junkie in your life? }
holiday button 2.2

check out my other gift guides for even more ideas! 

.... it's winter.

We had the craziest, blusteriest (thanks, Piglet) storm last night.  Our power flickered, trees swayed, and this morning there was debris everywhere.

So I made a treasury about it.

Click the photo to see more...

Like this?  Try these!

{ how does a blustery night make you feel? }

A gray and dreary weekend turned into a festival of holiday craft-making.

With, luckily, a few dry hours to run outside for some photography.

(Those are tiny pine trees on the garland.  Too bad I didn't think to post a close up. :P)

I also worked more on re-shooting some existing Etsy listings
It was time for a little sprucing up (yuk yuk yuk..).

I've sorted of pounced on the embroidery train lately.  It's veery relaxing, plus as the hubbers pointed out ("wait you're telling me these threads are only $0.35 each?!"), it's a lot less spendy than some of my other crafting addictions...

This little guy is from my knitting frenzy days.  I think he'll be making an encore performance in my shop later this week....

With any luck, I'll be well prepared for my next craft show....THIS Saturday!  Eeep!

{ how was your weekend? }

Omg.  It's been a while, hasn't it?

So like a BILLION years ago, Tsuki of LittleGrayFox sent me photos of these amazing shoes that SHE MADE! 
How clever is this girl??




So now, without any (further) ado, some wwKw outfits to go with.


pants: gap
bangles: charm&chain


earrings: ylang23
skirt: modcloth
cardigan: johnlewis
 clutch: kate spade (at piperlime!)


dress: modcloth
earrings: guess (at zappos!)
scarf: modcloth
sweater: j.crew
bag: piperlime

{ what would you wear? }

ps - i don't know why the photos are kinda blurry.  i think this compu hates me.  whatevs.  let's call it "soft focus" instead of "blurry like i'm on a bender."