Will this insanity never end?

We only got three inches, but the frickin' frackin' frigid temperatures kept the roads nice and icy.
(Allilteration win!)

It's beautiful.  But....so...cold.

Look who's so unimpressed.

{ what's your Friday look like? }

It's cold.  I'm cranky. 

I need something excessively cheerful...

"Ruffled Paper Lace Stationery Card Pink and Orange" by AshleyPahl

...like this.

"Sprinkles and Milk Soap" by WhippedUpWonderful

(You know how I love sprinkles.)

"SHINY MORNING" by dazeychic

New mantra?

"Handmade lamp, lamp shade, pendant light, ceiling, hanging lamp, accent lamp Orange Sunset by FiligreeCreations on Etsy" by FiligreeCreations

omg.  I want this.  It's like a big, juicy orange hanging from the ceiling.

"Mabel Hedgehog Lambswool Plush - Made to order" by saracarr

Ok, tiny hedgie.  You've made me smile.

Mission accomplished.

{ what's bringing you cheer today? }

As my thoughts turn to pastel colors, plans for my garden and brisk hikes in the forest,
good ol' La Nina has something else in mind.

We're supposed to get snow on Thursday.


Click the photo for more springtime freshness.

Like this?  Try these:

*seed 'em and reap*

it's in the air


on rustic mountain

{ is anyone else* tired of being cold? }

* yep, i'm jealous of you southern hemi's!

We had one of those weekends where we did a lot of stuff,
but at the end you go "wait, where did the days go?"

The sunshine was glorious this weekend, but the clear skies kept the temps pretty cool.

I hate to say we wasted some of it by shopping instead of, say, shiver-y hiking....

...but look.   Pretty!

I scored this dress (for like, half this price) at an awesome little boutique.

We've also been wanting the perfect table to live behind our sofa (so we can stop balancing things precariously on surfaces things were not meant to be balanced upon).  After TWO HOURS at Ikea, we picked up this fella.

Round out the weekend with some delicious 'chocolate' stout (as in color, not flavor), and I'd say a heartily random time was had by all.

{ what shenanigans did you get into this weekend? }

Psssst! - I also bought this sweater in olive green, on double clearance. They only have 'em in stores, but $14.95?! c'mon!

Since I've neglected you all horribly this week,
I think you deserve an awesome internets treats.

(Sorry bout the commercial.)

I am so freakin' frackin' glad it's Friday.

{  how about you? }

I am such an  on/off  fan of purple.

And right now, it's ON.

Click the photo for even more lilac madness.

Like this?  Try these color studies:

{ what's your favorite color today? }

A day to spend with the one(s) you love.

May your day be filled with snuggles, chocolates and sweet, goofy fun.

{ Happy Love Day, everyone! }

I had maybe a little too much fun editing photos with Picnik.

It was another glorious week to be on the road.

I love my new commute home.  I drive straight up into the mountains.

This time it was like driving up into fluffy orange marshmallow clouds.
(Is it weird that I had a serious joy buzz from driving?  Probably.)

I think for a little while, I'm going to be swapping my semi regular "Fashion Friday" posts for "Photo Fridays."  
I love doing wwKw's and other fashion posts, but unfortunatly they require an amount of time I just can't devote at present. 

 They WILL be back, though. 

And when that happens, I'll host another Virtual Fashion Show to celebrate.  Stay tuned, fashion junkies!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy pics from my weekly travels!

{ what's on your plate today? }

I've stumbled my way into some lovely 'new-to-me' Etsy shops lately. 
( Don't you just love it when that happens? )

"the CONSTELLATION leather and canvas pouch" by scoutandcatalouge

Probably everyone else is already aware of the awesomeness of this shop.  Wouldn't this pouch make a styling clutch??

"Choose Any 10 Bars // Vegan Organic Cold Process Soap" by prunellasoap

There is something so delightful about these soaps.  They remind me of artfully crafted candies.  (And I love me some candy.)  I wish I'd found these before Christmas - this lot would make perfect stocking stuffers!  Good thing I've got lots of upcoming birthdays...

"Miniature bunny" by Elze

This shop is just bursting with uber-cuteness.  These sweet little bunnies look they've just wandered out of the pages of a children's book.  He'd make a lovely desk mascot though, wouldn't he?

"A cup of Nordic Tea - Retro Scandinavian design Poster A3 Yellow" by handz

I don't know what Nordic Tea is, but I want some!  I love the celebration of classic vintage design, the cheery colors - it's all perfect.  (And seriously all the prints in this shop are equally fabulous!)

"Whale Tissue Holder - Cyan" by gnomesweeeetgnome

This is the most awesomest tissue holder of all time.  I love it.  And it needs to be mine.  Check out this rad shop for even more clever little things.

{ what's new that you're into? }

This is probably the only garden I'll ever succesfully grow.

Click the photo for more fresh finds.

Like this?  Try these:

{ can you tell I'm ready for spring? }

I would say this was probably one of the laziest weekends we'd ever had, but we did actually manage to leave the house on two seperate occasions.

We watched the Super Bowl on Sunday.  It's a completely different experience when you have no vested interest in the outcome.  And this year I *gasp* actually watched the game, instead of just the commercials.

But.  I did still watch 'em.

This made me so homesick!

And this was pretty much the cutest commercial I've ever seen.

{ Sometimes it's just nice to play it lowkey, eh? }

It has been a gorgeous week to be out on the road in the Puget Sound area.

I'm pretty sure when the sun is shining, there's no more beautiful place on earth.

I've put something like 300 miles on my car in 4 days...

...but when this is  "another day at the office,"  well, that's just about OK.

{ what's the world looking like where you are? }

Pssssst! - it's totally gray and overcast today. couldn't last forever. : P

Part of my job now requires me to do quite a bit of local traveling.
Which means I need to be very organized these days...

"Large Brown Leather Tundra Laptop Bag" by hoakonhelga

Made from a vintage leather jacket, this roomy satchel would be perfect to stow my laptop, cords, documents and all manner of what not.  And.  It's.  So.  Cool.

"Zipper Pouch - Red and Navy Check" by clickboutique

I really need a better way to carry my supply of pens.  I spent 5 minutes fishing around for one yesterday.  Not cool.  Plus, plaid!

"2011 Monthly Planner - Chevron" by lettercdesign

I already have a pocket size planner, but there's some appeal to having the whole month laid out before you.  And I love these sweet little patterns.

"Vertical Document Hold (Heather Natural Grey)" by Jdothandcrafted

I like the idea of a dedicated case for all these documents I lug around.  Especially in a less firm bag, like that gorgeous one above.  These would surely keep everything neat and tidy.

"size 7.5 chocolate brown leather riding boots" by myfavoritevintage

Running around town means one thing for sure -- goodbye high heels! 
 But hellooooo, killer boots!

{ what would make your life a little easier these days? }

I guess there's a theme going on here this week.

(Maybe I just need a vacation.)

Click the photo for more!

Like this?  Try these:

{ where are you going? }