You call remember how I took the pledge to give only handmade and vintage Christmas gifts this year?

Well, my dear and wonderful hubbers took it to heart, and made sure he did the same. 

"Teal Chevron Stripe with Emerald ALEXIS Clutch" by ao3designs

I couldn't even believe that this beauty is now mine!  I cannot wait to use it, and I think I need to make up some sort of outing so that I can - asap.

Recognize it from this post?

"Rain Drop Stripe Long Zipper Pouch" by MadameCupcake

Not exactly the same pattern, but really similiar, I am now the proud owner of my own multi-colored rain drop pouch.  Hubbers seemed dubious of my "need" for a "another" pouch, but I assured him - DON"T WORRY - a packrat lady can never have too many. 

Look familiar?

"fleur de toi" necklace by fleurfatale

I also received this sweet necklace.  I love fleurfatale's shop (which is in vacation mode now, but be sure to sign up to receive notification when it reopens on January 2nd)!  So many pretty things to browse.

Mayhap you remember this shop from this treasury?

Anyway, sorry to get all braggy on you.  I was so touched by the serious amount of effort the hubbers went to this year, and that he helped me to support some wonderful independent artists. 

I am a lucky, lucky girl.

{ what gave you that warm, glowy feeling inside this holiday? }

Psssst! - Monica is the shizz.

Christmas is always the best, when seen through the eyes of little ones.

Ours just happen to have fur.


Stockings, hung with care.  (And homemade, too!)


Max opening her stocking. 
(Not pictured: hubbers holding onto stocking so she doesn't take off with it.)

"omg what did we get???"

Why, mustaches of course!
( what else would Etsy claus really get you?)


Somebody played with her mustache too hard....

Conveniently, they also got brand new blankies from their "grandmeow."

Yep.  We're "those" people.

{ how was your holiday? }

PS - I am super grumpy to be back at work, so cute kitten pics might be the only way I make it through today.  Also, I am SO behind on blogs and I am SO SORRY.  This is one of those horrid times of year to have my job.  Sigh.  Miss you!

Here's hoping your holidays are filled with cheer, beer, cookies and other wonderful things!

Favorite. Christmas song. EVER.

{ do you have a favorite holiday tune? }

I actually enjoy wrapping presents.

Or at first I do.

But if I can make the wrapping a project unto itself, well, the crafty demon in me shouts with glee.

I wrapped my co-workers' treats in little muslin bags this year.  It was fun to get all stampy with them. 
(And I think they turned out pretty cute. : P)

And with that in mind, I still have to wrap everyone else's gifts.  Oh boy.

{ are you a "procrasti-santa"? (thank you jcpenny commercial!) ? }

I've never been much for New Year's resolutions.  I guess I don't enjoy setting myself up for failure. 
But this year there are a few things I'm trying very hard to focus on, once the cookies chaos of the holidays is over.

"Rushmore New Year Resolution" by uluckygirl

I will probably never host a New Year's party, but if I do, these invites are the ones!

Focus on happy.

"SO VERY HAPPY (red)" by dazeychic

It's all about the little things.  I really need to come back to that philosophy. 
 Plus, great excuse to buy this sweet poster, amirite?

Focus on the time I have, not the time I wish I had.

"2011 desk calendar with maple base - original fine art photography - in stock, ready to ship" by shannonpix

Time to stop playing the "well, if" game.  ("Well, if it weren't raining, I'd be taking shop photos." "Well, if traffic wasn't a B, I'd feel like cooking dinner."  You get the picture.)
Speaking of pictures, you really must click the link above to see the gloriously happy photos in this calendar.  Love!

Focus on organization.  (Really.  It's just pathetic at this point.)

"VIntage Mid-Century Turquoise LARGE Steel Drawer Cabinet" by Brooklynretro

I am very lucky to have a room to devote to my crafty shenanigans.  And it. Is. A disaster.  I can't quite seem to tame all the stuff that's ended up in there.  And it's unforgivabley wasteful.  So yeah, that ends soon.  Plus, I can score some new awesome organizables.  Yesssss!

Focus on food (good ones).

"Three Utensils - Print (A4)" by birdbird

I'm pretty ashamed of the kinds of foods I've ingested lately.  Over the last year, it's been a steady, downhill slide, and cooking has completely fallen to the wayside.  It's pretty silly to have large kitchen, and not cook in it, isn't it? 

Anyway, that's where I am for my New Year's attitude.  Time to get to work!

{ what's are you focusing on for the New Year? }

Can you believe it's Christmas week already? 
It still doesn't feel like it to me.

 treasury by the lovely and talented LBCPaper.

Click the photo for even more cheer!

Like this?  Try these:

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Psssst! - Busy day today. You?

On Sunday the hubbers and I met my cousin, his wife and their adorable little munchkin ( who was dressed up as a dragon! ), at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium for......

I've never been before, so I was pretty hyper excited.

(I really like the way the light is bouncing off the tree.)


 (Walrusi? Walri? We never did figure that out.)

Looking out across the park.

Ah, who could forget the Christmas Musk Ox?

The kittens were sick all weekend (better now, thank jeebus),
so this was definitely the highlight ours.

{ how was your weekend? }

Another crazy Friday.

Though I'd share this little gem the hubbers subjected me to last night.

There really are no words...

{ what's up for you this weekend? }

I need some Christmas spirit, dammit. 

Maybe it's because we can't put ornaments on our tree this year, or the parade of humbugs and grinches that fill my days, but I've somehow lost my jolly way.

 No worries.  I'll just have to make a selection from my guarenteed, sure-fire, Christmas-spirit inducing movie picks.....

1. ElfSeriously?  Do I need to extoll the virtues of this instant Christmas classic?
"Watch out! The yellow ones don't stop!"
Mutiple viewings required.

    2. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    If that image doesn't stir your curiousity, then well, I'm afraid there's no hope for you, my friend.
    3. Just Friends
    I. Love. Ana Farris. This might be the funniest and most ludicrous role she's played, but dang nabit, she totally steals the picture. (Yes, even from Ryan "Ab-y McAbsalot" Reynolds.)
    4. Home the for Holidays
    This is really a Thanksgiving movie, but if you failed and forgot to watch it this year, it will do the trick.  Wtty, painfully accurate and a smidge poignant. Plus, a young Robert Downey Jr?  Win.
    5. Home Alone
    Already seen it once, plan to watch it again.  The classics never die.
    6. Love, Actually
    I don't know why British accents always make me think "Christmas!" but they do. 
    7. Sleepless in Seattle
    Come to think of it, a bunch of Meg Ryan movies make me feel all Christmas-y inside (weird) but this one the most.  I love the Carly Simon version of "In the wee small hours" from this scene.
    8. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
    This is my neighbor's house!  In fact, I have no idea how that alone hasn't put me in the right frame of mind.  My favorite part is the squirrel in the Christmas tree.
    9. About A Boy
    See?  Another London-set movie.  Weird.  I think this mostly does it for me because of the strange little, made up Christmas song.  Which gets stuck in my head...
    10.  Die Hard
    How did I not know this shirt existed til now???  This would have been a superb gift for the hubbers.  Sigh.  This is a tradition carried over from his family, so now every year we see it on Christmas Day. (Never mind I had never actually SEEN Die Hard until Christmas 2008.  Don't judge me.)

Whew.  I feel better already.

{ what's your favorite holiday movie? }

Pssst! Sorry for the freaking HORRIBLE formatting.  I'm about to go all murdery on blogger.
(I hate you. I know you're listening...)

Standing in line at the post office for 40 minutes yesterday made me realize:
whoa - christmas is almost here!

Etsy recently launched a new aspect of their search feature that should save you lots of stress and time. 

 You've always had the ability to pull shops local to your area, but now you can search for specific items within your desired city, state, province, district, planetery realm, and what have you.

Allow me to illustrate:

Let's say I want to find a badger-themed gift here in Seattle.

I simply type "badger" in the search box, and then click this handy little link to right called "Shop Local" and *poof!*, I'm left with Seattle-only badgers!

Think of how quickly something purchased within your same city might arrive at it's destination (thus extending your procrastination period)?  You might even be able to pick it up from your local seller!

But wait, there's more.

Let's say my badger recipient does not live in the same city as me, but I've still wasted oodles of time on youtube and googling "how to report a power outage." 


You can simply change the location to a city local to your recipient!  Same theory applies: the closer the seller, the quicker the shipping.

And voila!  Holiday stress neutralized.

I guess we've run out the clock on gift guides this year.  I just couldn't in good conscience be suggesting gifts from across the globe, when let's face it, the odds of it arriving in time for the holidays are dicey.

Plus, I think this new search feature is totally rad.

{ doesn't shopping local make you feel all warm + fuzzy inside? }

Pssst! - FANCY Badger!

I seem to recall some other version of myself saying, months ago,
"you know, I don't think I'll really mind when the weather turns bad, and the endless rain moves in."

Future prediciton fail.

Click the photo for even more fun times, and to read the story of my evening...

Like this? Try these:

winter mint/orange zest ( for a cheer up! )

( I was going to go with a "blue" theme, but srsly do I need any more reason to be blue??)

{  how's winter treating you? }

Pssst! - we lost power at home, so I'm trying to play catch up, um now (at a totally not inappropriate time to do so...cough). so many blogs to read, so little electricity....

Panda and I went to the movies on Sunday, to see Black Swan.

How cool and art deco-y is this poster?

I'm not going to spoil this movie for you, as I really recommend going to see it.  It's dark, at times disturbing, and intensely gripping.  The way the story builds and pulls you in reminds me of the well-crafted psychological thrillers of days gone by (think Rosemary's Baby.)

And it's beautiful.  Immersing us in the dance world, the film is heavily doused in whites, blacks and baby pinks.  The story takes place largely on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a place where I've spent a great deal of time.  Could this story have been playing out while I studied and goofed off across the street?  Definitely added to the creepy factor for me.  

If you're a fan of dark thrillers, I absolutely recommend seeing this.

{ seen any good movies lately? }

P.S. veery interesting wikipedia....

And the winner of the 2nd not so annual Mystery Box of Awesome Giveaway is....

Congratulations, Paislea! 

Send me your shipping address, and I'll have this sweet box on it's way!

{ thanks for playing, all! }

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My dear friend Monica recently sent in a wwKw request for these cute shoes.  She wanted some suggestions as to how to wear them with her more casual wardrobe.
(did you know Polyvore has backgrounds? weird ones? i had a little too much fun yesterday....)

You can't hide from me, monicuddle: I know you own a basic black dress.
PS - a dress can be casual. especially when you're hanging out on a giant chess set.


{ how would you wear these shoes? }

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Since I completely failed last week, I'm bringing you a special bonus day of fashion!

My lovely friend Tania, sent me this request:
"i'm looking for the RADDEST pair of black motocycle boots, flats. i wanna pair them with everything from a sparkly mini to girly dresses to jeans and a tee. so. make it happen."
(She funny.)


Puddle Skipper Boots
$248 -
Anthropologie boots »

Silk Scarf with Polka Dot
$75 -
Wrap scarves »

Type Z 628578 at
$163 -

MIA Buckley at
$140 -

Type Z 747501 at
$163 -

{ which do you think works best?}
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