The hubbers and I are taking a much needed break from the real world. 
Friday is our fifth anniversary, our tenth year together, and the perfect excuse for a little time off.

( Click the photo for more colorfulness. )

 I've got some seriously awesome guest bloggers helping me out this week. 
I hope you'll pop in and give them some loves.

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My dear friend sure planned her trip correctly.

blue skies & rock candy
check me out on tumblr if you're curious where this photo was taken!

Four out five of her days here were filled with sunshine, blue skies and warm weather.
It's pretty much been crap since she left.

{ did you steal the sunshine? }

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Skulking around Pintrest this morning
("I can skulk if skulking were required")
led me to the most beautiful and clever thing.

 San Francisco
Incredible digital art by Eric Fischer

You simply must go here and read all about this fascinating
cartography-meets-social-media-meets-art project.

I am completely in love.

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Apparently all kinds of shenanigans went down last night.

Here are some silly little creatures who won't destroy my brand new shoes while I'm sleeping.

"Pink Wire Wrapped Piggy Sculpture" by WireArtInk

I love the look he's giving me.  Like "...que?"

"Le Grumpy Bear Bright Teal Brooch - OOAK" by leanimale

Yep, I've got a grumpy bear in my life.  He needs this.

"kitty cat moveable paper doll (in ginger)" by hollandsworth

She a good kitty.

"Mid Century Modern Wooden Sea Creature From bellalulu" by bellalulu

I don't know what the hell this is, but I really, really think my bookshelf needs it.
Also, it reminds me of Fiona...

"Buy one get one free. Photomanipulation for your pets." by bunny

Omg omg omg you guys.  I want to DO this!  Read the listing read the listing read the listing!

{ what are you creatures up to? }

Well, for a minute there I thought it was summer here.

Still, there's no going back, wardrobe-wise.

Click the photo for moar stripeys.

{ what are you wearing this summer? } 

...have a friend come visit.

This is what I've been up to.

pink & yellow

bakery nouveau

pretty chocolate


I think I have a problem.

{ did you have a tastey weekend? }

The lovely and anything but mundane Jess of  the mundane adventures of  miss jess  posted this the other day.  I threatened to steal it.  Follow-thru win!

Age: 28.

Bed Size: queen. I want a bigger one, but he prefers to whine about me hogging the bed instead.

Chore you hate: shredding junk mail.

Essential start of your day: coffee, coffee and coffee. and then some moar coffee.

Favorite Color: this is like asking which is your favorite child. today, um let's say mint green.

Gold or silver: stay gold, pony boy.

Height: 5' 0"  :  i'mma shrimpo!

Instruments I play (or have played):  flute

Job Title: notary public, signing agent, escrow assistant -- pick one.

Kids: mine have fur!

Live: the boonies outside of Seattle

Mom’s Name: Linda

Nickname: pretty tough name to nick.  kel?

Pet Peeve: people who smack their lips when they eat. make me irrationally furious. oh, and I have pretty bad road rage.

Quote from a movie:   "I guess I just figured, why make something disposable like a building when you can make something that last forever, like a greeting card."
Right or left handed: righty right.

Siblings: a younger brother and an older brother.  and a brother in law.  so many brothers!

Time you wake up: 6ish. when I remember to turn on my alarm. or like the other day 4:20 am.  barf.

Underwear: gotta have it!

Vegetables you dislike: cauliflower.  I've tried to like it but bleeech!

What makes you run late:  forgetfulness.  I forget everything!  oh, and the kittens doing their adorable "oh, so now you're leaving me AGAIN i shall perish of loneliness please don't leave uuuuus" pouting thing.

X-rays you’ve had done: teefs, hip, shoulder.

Yummy food you make: eggplant rollitini (made up word, I'm pretty sure)

Zoo animal:  OTTTERZZ!

{ what's your A-Z? }

Pssssssssst! - I have so very myuch catching up to do.  Look for some photo heavy posts in the next few days  (and consider today a vacation for your occipital lobe.  Also, I need to learn how to get photos off my phone...)

Time to update my plaid obsession wardrobe for summer.

"SUPAYANA spring 2011 tie top- rainy day plaid" by supayana

A sweet and subtle plaid top.  I love the neckline.  So flattering!

"vintage summer picnic tote" by edababe

Picnic time!  Mount Rainier National Park, anyone?

"Vintage French 2 in. Red, White & Blue Plaid Ribbon" by 6pence

Deliciously French.  I want to tie a piece in my hair.

"Pastel Plaid Silk Slides" by missfarfalla

I want to wear these with a poofy pink summer dress.  I...don't know why.

"Blue and Brown Plaid Spring Circle Scarf" by piprobins

Yes, I definitely need a nice lightweight summer scarf.  Definitely

{ do you like plaid for summer? }

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Nearly five years ago, I made the hubbers mine for keeps.
I always get nostalgic this time of year.

Click the photo for more.

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{ what's your favorite thing about summer weddings? }

This weekend Panda and I went to Etysrain's Spring Craft Show.

We showed up early enough to score sweet swag bags...

...and then loaded up on delicious sugar snacks from ThisCharmingCandy.

I may have also made a similiarly awesome pillow mine....

( There was plaid involved. I can't be held responsible for my actions. )

In other news, my little blog counter below rolled past the 10k mark!

I happened to catch it just at this moment. 

{ what did you get up to? }

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Random from last weekend.

Too bad there's no sunshine on the books for this one.


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Spending lots of time in the woods lately has me in a "rustic-y" kind of place.

"Birdhouse, Cottage & Farmhouse, Yellow, Red, Blue" by baconsquarefarm

The kittens really want a bird feeder, and I really want this lovely colorful one.
I think they'd approve.

"Reclaimed Wood Mirror Trio Chocolate Brown Rustic" by GoggyWood

These would add a lovely rustic touch to any room. 
Plus, they're crafted from upcycled materials. Stylish and no trees harmed!

"Typographic Brackets for Bookworms" by SlippinSouthern

It should not be surprising why I loooove these.  They should be mine.

"Hair Fork Tulip Wood Lilli Hairfork Hair Stick Handmade Grahtoestudio" by grahtoestudio

How gorgeous is this stripey wood?  Nature's design FTW. 

"Vintage Square Glacier National Park Souvenir Crinkle Nylon Scarf" by artemisiascloset

I love the look of vintage National Park memorabilia. 
It's kind of kitschy and makes me think of the nice time I had with my dad at Yellowstone. 


{ are you a rustic lover? }

So, I'm on this completely awesome treasury making team.

They motivate me to work hard to improve my curation, and they make some seriously gorgeous collections.

Like this one.

Click the photo for more.
( oh, and this one is pretty great too! )

Come check out our blog for super fun weekly challenges, shop owner interviews and much, much moar!

{ are you on an Etsy team? }

Right now we're averaging one nice day per week.
At least it's falling on the weekends.

We took full advantage on Sunday and hiked halfway up West Tiger 3.

I'm pretty sure I have a little sun burn today.
Totally. Worth it.

  We stumbled across this tiny waterfall at the best time of day. 
A an hour earlier or later and we'd have missed the gorgeous sunlight bouncing off the water.

Silly hubbers.

{ any adventures this weekend? }