...on the brain. 

(This is what just one gloriously sunny day will do to you in Seattle.)

How will I get anything done when these pencils will send me into daydreams of summer?

Too cute, amirite?

I'll take one* of each!

These should be mine, right?

Why can't it be like this for always?

{ it's sunny where you are, isn't it? you lucky devil, you.}

(*and by 1, I mean 10)

Wandering downtown one day, I happened upon this light post.


texture 1

I think some ambitious young art student had their way with it.


Whatever it is, I love it.

texture 3

{ what do you think? }

I know it's not Wednesday, but it's been such a long time.

Loving this gold necklace.  So dainty!

This pillow is just too cool.  (And so is Irina.)

There's something so happy about this little brooch
(And you know I loves me a good brooch.)

I don't know what I would do with these tiles,
but I really feel like I must have them somewhere in my home.
( check out this entire shop chock full of awesome things.)


{ Can you guess the theme? }

Guess what came in the mail today?


Can't wait!

Get your own here.

{ are you an Aziz fan? }

Remember Polyvore? 
I was quite obsessed for a little minute there.

Look what the intrepid hubbs discovered on his googlemachine last night.

If you're a huge nerd like me, check out the full range by clever Polyvore-er (  ...what?  ) ja-vy.

(Also on tumblr.  Remember tumblr?  Sigh.)

{ cool or too nerdy for you? }

Are you addicted yet?

Leave me your link or user name in the comments. 
I'd love to have some new boards to peruse.

{ what are you pining to pin today? }

On this rainy, dreary Monday,

monster kitty

I know where I'd rather be.


Tough life, right?

{ is there someplace you'd rather be today?}

Little Gray Fox hosted a Blitz Craft Challenge on her blog. 

Here is my entry.

crafty blitz!

We had 72 hours to create our pieces, which had to meet some specific requirements.
(I got all excited and told Tsuki this was just like a crafting version of "Chopped," to which she responded "chopped what?"   Seriously?)

And here is an overly thorough diagram of the requirements I chose.


It was super fun!  The short time frame really made me pick an idea and run with it. 
(And we all know I tend to wait until the night before a crafty challenge is due anyway...)

Hop on over to her blog and check out the other crafty little foxes posted there.

{ would you do a Craft Blitz? }


{ what's your fave? }

This is pretty much how I feel after the last two days:

sleepy river otter

Except not as cute.

Looking forward to some much needed crafty times with the ladies tomorrow night.

{ how are you unwinding this week? }

I mean, who doesn't these days?

Click the photo for more!

But until that glorious day I can get away,
I'll just have to make due with some bright and happy Etsy finds.

{ where would you go to get away? }

Winter has found the Pacific Northwest.

snowy pines

And eeeverybody's losing their minds.

But I can't blame anyone.

When I woke up to this on Wednesday,

early morning snow

I knew I wasn't going anywhere.

So we just kicked back and enjoyed the beautiful view from our window.

snowy yard

But now that things look more like this

(that's a sheetload of ice)

I'm pretty much over the novelty.

{ can we just get back to the rain already? }

Sometimes I feel like Etsy is just exploding with cool things.

Click for moar.

Here are some of them.

{ what's blowing your mind right now? }

Has it really been nearly 3 months since my last post?


Worst.  Blogger.   EVER.

I wish I could say I had some great reason for this unplanned hiatus.

But I don't. 

Too much stress, not enough happy.  Which makes for great whining, but not so fascinating blog posts.

But I have missed this blog.


And I am tired of being too tired to do things.  And stuff.  (Mostly things.)

So, I'm done with that.  Onward and upward.  And blogword.
(whaat? punned!)

{ so fill me in -- what have i missed ??? }