Happy Birthday, kittens!

Last week the wild and elusive Maxine Louise made an appearance on the blog. 
This week, it's Fiona Marie's turn.

She was pretty much the teeeeniest kitten ever!

From the start she's been the lead investigator in our house. 
Got a book that needs sniffing?  She's on the job! 

One of her hobbies is to attempt to smash her face inside this toy,
and push it all around the house.
Plus, look how tiny!

As you can see, tiny Fi has pretty much stayed, well, tiny.
We estimate she weighs half of what Max weighs.

But for someone so tiny, she sure has a lot of rules:

  1. You may pet the Fi, but you may not pick her up.
  2. You may retrieve the Fi's toys from inside the pantry, once she meows and meows and meows.
  3. You may repeat the above action.
  4. You may not act surprised when the Fi bites when she is done with you.  You have been dismissed.

We tell her she's lucky she's so cute.

Happy Birthday, little bears! 

{ do you celebrate your pet's birthdays? }

Pssst! - Thank you all for your kind words about our little Julio.  It's been really hard on my mom, but we have 17 years of wonderful memories to look back on.  He had a really good, long life.

Rain, rain.  You'll never go away.
5-10 inches predicted for the mountains this week. In. Sane.

"happy clouds hand carved stamp set" by AnartIsland

Oh, happy little clouds, how you've made me smile.

"Organic Cotton Book Tote - Rain" by sealmaiden

I love this simple, clean interpretation.  So clever!


"Rain Cloud Trio plush with faces" by mypapercrane

Hee hee.  More mypapercrane cuteness strikes again!

"Gwynn the Girl on a Rainy Day - Paper Doll" by matesrubbish

I think I need a yellow rain slicker (does anybody still call it that?) .
I'd like to be this carefree in the rain...

"SALE Plaid Parasol Umbrella" by deathmachine

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  I need a plaid umbrella.

{ how do you play in the rain? }

Julio Jalepeno, my childhood pal. 

For nearly 18 years, you were the sweetest, gentlest part of our family.

So long, little joo-bear.

{ Now, go find some angel squirrels to chase. }

Another one of those weekends - nothing special but so productive.

Helpful Max woke me up at 5:30am each day, so I had lots and lots of time to get things done.

I updated the shop a bit....

...went to the most amazing rock shop...

...and watched far too many Dr. Who episodes while knitting hugebungous amounts.
(yep. i'm like the uber nerd.)

{ what did you do this weekend? }

As my cats thunder around the house,
I'm starting to realize they aren't tiny little kitten-shaped babies anymore. 
They turn one at the end of this month!

Look how little Maxine Louise started:

And today,


Her hobbies include:

taking naps tangled up in the curtains,

knocking things over,

and being a chubby bunny.

Sometimes I think this is all that's going on in her brain:

but she's still my big snuggly sweetheart.

She's definitely the baby of our family.

{ what kind of personality does your pet have? }

Lately I've found treasury making is leading to a lot of favorite marking...

Here's the latest:

"Wild and Precious Life Poetic Hand Embroidery" by cornflowerbluestudio

A good reminder...

"Seventy red dress" by nervustrella

How sweet is this? 

"Auld Reekie - navy screenprint" by emilyhogarth

Makes me want to go to Scotland even more.

"Ready to ship AMY Big HERRINGBONE Wool PECHE Rose and White . French Shoulder Bag" by ikabags

In. Love with this bag.

"Cobalt Gradient Embroidery Hoop Wall Art" by whatnomints

I can't get enough of clever hoops. I adore this one.

{ what are you up to today? }

Juuuust updating my 'wish list'...

Click the photo for moar.

Like this?  Try these:

{ do you have any new Etsy favorites? }

The first day of spring turned out to be the perfect time to head back out into nature.
And it didn't even rain!

Federation Forest State Park runs along the White River - only about 20 miles east of our home.


Beautiful rocky shoreline runs right up to the mossy, dense forest.

Geology nerd alert!

What do you suppose this is all about?

Nature humor.

{ how was your first day of spring  (or fall) ? }

A day to be reflective.

I didn't get a chance to post this in time,
but in case you're wondering what's going on in the blogosphere today, go here.

{ what are you thankful for today? }

Kiss me.
I really am Irish.

Some photo greeness for the day.

{ are you celebrating today? }

Pssssst! - more greenitude here.

I've got patterns on the brain.

"Autumn picnic dress, made to order" by ananemone

Doesn't this dress just scream summer picnic??

"THREE CORAL FLOWERS Small Gouache Painting" by SquidWhaleDesigns

Is it wrong I'd love to have this exact display in my house? 
SO much pattern-y goodness!

"The Experimental - Fashionable Adjustable Cross Body and Handbag in Black White and Blue Shade" by FromtheEarthtotheSky

I love the cheeky, 1980s-ness of it all. How fun!

"Sherbert Orange Polka Dotty Bow Tie Necklace" by crookedsister

I think this is the perfect jaunty little bow tie.  For ladies!

"Floral cotton scarf Turquoise" by SpringFlavor

There are so many pretty scarves in here, it was hard to choose just one. 
(Oh, and yes, there's plaid ones.)

More pattern-y fun here.

{ what pattern are you digging right now? }

It turned out to be a delicious weekend.

On Saturday we attended a fundraising event for Relay for Life Tacoma, where I essentially ate my weight in crab -- all for a good cause!

And if that wasn't enough...

...I decided to make a roasted squash and onion pasta* on Sunday.  An interesting flavor combination that made the entire house smell great.   
*my recipe didn't call for garlic, btw.

  My weekend was basically devoted to food.

{  have any delicious adventures this weekend? }

What a strange thing to wake up to.

A tsunami advisory for the entire coastline.
Stay safe, all you beach dwelling folks.

My heart goes out to the people of Japan, as they recover from this devastating event.

{ what are you thankful for this Friday? }
i'm quite glad to live inland today.

Psssssst! - for more photo friday, go here.

Alyssa, of the lovely Just Putting It Out There recently hosted a super fun blog swap.

Swappers needed to share:
1. something for luck
2. something they love
3. something delicious

Check out what my awesome partner, Amy, sent me to help fend off the winter blues:
a gorgeous photography print, some delish chocolate and a sweet little paper crane.
All wrapped up so pretty, don't you think?

Pop on over to Amy's beautiful blog,  No. 15 , to indulge in her absolutely stunning photography.
You can see what I sent her here.

Thanks, Amy!

{ what do you do to keep the winter blues at bay? }

I feel like a kid in an Etsy candy shop.

The aisles stocked with anything sweet, colorful and cute.

"Traingles Necklace" by demetgun3

Something sweet to wear around you neck, perhaps?

"DIY Paper Puppet - FOX" by furzechan

Looks like it leapt off the pages of a storybook.

"Zig zags were in vogue" by draw

New sketch idea: put a sweater on it!

"Tingled Pink" by mihow

Sorry. Had to clean up a bit of drool there.
Heh, that was grosser than intended.

"50 Assorted Library Cards" by knotandbow

I don't know what I need 50 library cards for...any suggestions? 
 Because I totally love these.

{ what's your weakness? }
*this makes sense if you realize mine is candy.


Pssssssssst! - I'm on tumblr now!  weeeeee!

I'm ready to rejuvenate my wardrobe for spring...

Click the photo for more fashion finds.

Like this?  Try these:

{ ...how about you? }

On Sunday we took a bit of drive into the southern boonies.

The Green River Gorge is an impressive site, even more so as it feels like you are driving dead into the middle of nowhere.

Can you believe this is only like 15 minutes from my house?

Also. we cracked up at this sign in downtown Enumclaw.

A chilly day outdoors calls for homemade soup.  I even feel warmed up just making it.
(Except for the bit where we had to open a bunch of windows because the onion fumes were making hubbers cry and cry and cry.)

Am I nerd that later I sat down and watched PBS' 25th anniversary of Les Miserables concert?  It was like 'unintentional French evening.' 
 (That makes more sense if you realize I made onion soup.)

{ what adventures found you this weekend? }