Where has the last year gone?

It seems like just yesterday I began this whole blogging thing.

"ViNTaGE German Contessa Typewriter" by Sought

And now I have some big plans for this little blog. 

Here's a little taste what you can expect in the near future:

- a new layout
- moar blog buttons!
- another mystery giveaway!
- the return of the virtual catwalk
- some very exciting announcements...

I better get crackin', eh?

{ what are you planning for the future? }

15 notes

  1. Andrea (Panda) on April 21, 2011 at 8:22 AM

    Love it all and cant wait!!

  2. cb on April 21, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    i know the year went by fast! in may it will be a year for me! can't wait to hear about the exciting announcements!


  3. The Captain on April 21, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    i've said it before and i'll say it again...yours is one of my favorite blogs out there. your sense of humor and style make for an always interesting read. i'm excited for the upcoming tweaks and additions!

  4. Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox on April 21, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    hooray for change! snap to it, girl! I wanna see!

  5. Emily@VitaNostra on April 21, 2011 at 1:51 PM

    Can't wait! Changes are always fun! (especially exciting ones)

  6. T@PoppyPlacePdx on April 21, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    Oh it sounds exciting :)

    I think I am planning a dream vaca. (emphasis on the DREAM right now :)

    Have a Happy Easter, my Dear, T. :)

  7. heather on April 21, 2011 at 5:33 PM

    I'm working on a new layout too. Slowly slowly... oh ever so slowly. I can't wait to see what's in store for your lovely space here!

  8. Amanda on April 21, 2011 at 7:30 PM

    Awesome! I can't wait to see the new layout and features :) I am working on a lot of new things- spring always makes me want to change it up and start new things :)

  9. keishua on April 22, 2011 at 5:53 AM

    yeah! sounds super fun. you have such a sweet space here, can't wait to see the changes.

  10. My Life Under the Bus on April 23, 2011 at 7:54 AM

    You go girl!!!

    I'll be here waiting LOl!!!

    Happy Happy Easter Kelli! XO

  11. k on April 25, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    I guess I don't plan ahead too much, isn't that sad!!! when you said 'crackin' it reminded me of the hilarious third grade boy that i work with...i told him that we needed to get crackin and he goes, "yah, let's get crackin mamacita!"

  12. ana on April 25, 2011 at 11:26 AM

    yay :D

    when i read virtual cat walk i instantly thought you might have attached a camera to one of your little one's head. i got a bit excited. but i am just as excited for the fashion cat walk as well. :)

  13. Stacey on April 25, 2011 at 2:28 PM

    yay! i can't wait to see what you have in store of us! let's get crackin' girl:-)

  14. Unknown on April 25, 2011 at 11:27 PM

    I'm excited for the new layout!! have a wonderful day!


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  15. Michelle {lovely little things} on April 26, 2011 at 6:35 AM

    I'm eager to revamp my blog as well - yours is lovely!